Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chloe Gets Sick

Lily and Cane enjoy each other's company after they make love. Devon and Chloe arrive home and give them a little warning before they walk in. Chloe begins to get sick.

David finally confronts Paul. He asks Paul if he is there to talk to Nikki about his step-daughter, Mina. David tells Paul that she is out to get him because he convinced her mom to take her out of her will due to a drug problem she struggled with in school. Paul is not convinced David is telling the truth, but he leaves upon David's request.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki asks Kevin why Gloria hasn't been at Jabot. Kevin tells her that Jill fired Gloria and Nikki is furious.

Meanwhile, Gloria wants to start a charity with the foundation she created, but Michael tells her that is won't work. He tells Gloria she should get a job, and suggests she work for Kevin at the coffeehouse.

Jeff visits Jill, and tells her he is happy, but Jill doesn't buy it. She reminds Jeff that just a few days ago, he admitted he loves Gloria.

Katherine comes to Restless Style to take Amber to lunch. While there, Jack asks Katherine if she donated to the Abot Foundation and Cassie's Challenge, but Kay tells him if she donated a large sum of money to charity, she would want them to know that she had done so. Later, at the gym, Jeff finds Jack and asks him to let Gloria move back in. Jack is very reluctant to listen to Jeff, until Jeff tells him that Gloria doesn't have any money and is homeless. Jack realizes that Jeff is still in love with Gloria.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria asks Kevin for a job. He is reluctant, but after some salary negotiations, he gives her a position.

At Jabot, Nikki confronts Jill about her firing Gloria. Jill brushes Nikki off and walks away.

Chloe get sick throughout the afternoon. She wants to go on the trip with Lily, but Lily tells her that she will be okay without Chloe. Lily and Cane leave for the airport, and Chloe tells Devon she feels like she let Lily down.

At lunch, Amber seeks Katherine's confidence in her designs, and Katherine gives Amber the reassurance she needs. Kay tells Amber to work on her designs while Daniel is on tour so she can buy Amber more ad space in the next issue of Restless Style. Amber offers to help Kay write her memoir some more as well.

Jack tries to figure out who made the anonymous donations to the foundations. He unscrambles the letters in "Mark's Algoria" to spell "Gloria's Karma." Later, he gives Gloria a hard time at the coffeehouse, but he asks to speak with her on the patio.

Paul checks out David's claims. He finds out that Mina in fact had a drug problem and got expelled from school. Paul confronts Mina on it later, and she is defensive. Paul doesn't know what to believe, and he is frustrated he doesn't have any evidence to bring to Nikki.

David watches a horse race at Jabot, and he loses $40,000.

Nikki confronts Jill again about firing Gloria, and they begin to fight. Kay walks in on the fight and sides with Nikki, telling Jill she needs to let Nikki run Jabot. She also tells Jill she promised John that she would look after Gloria before he died.

David calls Walter and convinces him to give him another loan.

Jana asks Amber if she wants to hang out with her and Kevin later, but Amber tells Jana she is busy working on a new design. She has the self-confidence to continue, after her talk at lunch with Kay.

Chloe eats a bag of chips. She mutters that it will cost her four hours in the gym, but it is worth it. Later, she calls Cane to ask him to bring her work from Jabot. Chloe reveals to the audience that she has been faking her illness all along.

Jeff insults Gloria, and Michael loses it and punches him hard.

At the coffeehouse, Jack tries to get Gloria to confess making such a large donation to charity. There is tension between the two as they talk, but Jack eventually gets Gloria to confess what her situation is. He offers to let Gloria move into the pool house, rent-free for as long as she needs or wants. Gloria is shocked and gives Jack a hug.

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