Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Victor Buys a New Art Piece

Jana starts her first day as Sabrina's art assistant at the Newman Ranch. She meets Victor and tells him how great she thinks he is. Michael arrives at the Ranch and he and Victor begin to discuss the lawsuit with Jabot. Victor tells Michael he does not want to settle and will do whatever it takes to fight the case.

David gives Nikki a diamond necklace. She is worried about the meeting regarding Jabot's lawsuit.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin is still overwhelmed with customers. Gloria arrives at the coffeehouse, and Kevin asks her where she has been. Gloria is frantic, and tells Kevin she just learned that her diamonds are fake. Jill calls Gloria and demands she come to work, but Gloria says she has a family emergency and hangs up.

At Jabot, Brad notices Nikki's new necklace and inquires about it to David. David tells Brad he is paying him off.

Paul tells J.T. about his visit with Elizabeth. Paul wonders, despite how crazy Elizabeth seems, if her allegations are right about David.

Allistair arrives at the coffeehouse, and greets Gloria cheerfully. Gloria is not pleased to see him. She tells him to take over filling orders for her, and he does.

During a meeting, Jill tells Nikki she should settle the lawsuit against Newman, but Nikki is adamant that she will not settle. Nikki also assigns Victoria and Brad to work together on a Jabot retro project. Neither of them are happy about working with one another, and Jill tries to tell Nikki that Victoria might be of better use on something else, but Nikki doesn't listen. Jill also tries to get Nikki to reconsider settling, but Nikki won't hear of it.

At the Ranch, Victor reiterates to Michael that he will not settle. Michael tells Victor not to mix emotion with business, but Victor is adamant that Michael proceed with the case anyway.

Jana tells Sabrina she thinks it is romantic how much passion she and Victor have for art. She also tells Sabrina that she believe she and Victor are destined to be together, and this makes Sabrina happy. Later, Jana watches as Sabrina bids millions of dollars on an art piece for Victor. After they win the bidding war, Sabrina, Jana, and Victor celebrate.

Nikki talks to Victoria about her struggle with Jill. Victoria tells Nikki it is probably hard for Jill to let go of the control she had over Jabot. Later, Jill tells Nikki she needs to let go of Victor.

Adam wants to help Michael with the lawsuit. They go to the coffeehouse to do some work. When Michael arrives, Gloria and Kevin fill him in on the diamond situation. Michael finds out that Gloria did not insure her diamonds, and he tells her there isn't anything he can do, but that he will make a few calls to see if someone took them.

David places another bet of $25,000.

Sabrina and Victor talk about their wedding and honeymoon. When Victor asks Sabrina what her dream wedding is, she tells him it doesn't matter where they get married, as long as she has him. Both of them are very anxious to go on their honeymoon.

Adam gives Victor some bad news from the lab about the lawsuit. Victor tells Adam to consult with another lab, until he can find one to give Victor the news he wants.

Michael tells Gloria that he talked to everyone at the bank, and that no one there switched her diamonds. Gloria feels quite hopeless, and Allistair notices. Allistair calls Jeff quietly and tells him he thinks it was a mistake to tell Jeff about Gloria's diamonds, as he thinks Gloria has nothing now. Jeff responds that he doesn't know what Allistair is talking about.

Paul tells J.T. that he talked with the sister of David's first ex-wife. He tells J.T. that the sister is convinced David pushed her over the edge, to commit suicide, but she does not have any proof.

Victoria overhears Jana telling Kevin and Gloria how much money Victor spent on an art piece today.

David pays Brad $10,000, and says he will pay him the rest later. Nikki sees the exchange, and becomes suspicious.

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