Thursday, January 29, 2009

Katherine Identifies Her Ring

At Newman, Victoria tells Victor Brad stole company secrets. She also tells him they agreed not to prosecute Brad if he agreed not to work at Newman again. Victor says he made no such promise. Meanwhile, at the coffeehouse, Brad pushes Phyllis' buttons. Victor calls Brad and tells him to come to Newman.

Eden tells Noah about an ice skating party and asks him if he wants to go. Noah says he can't lie to his parents again. Eden makes a plan where she twists the party to sound like a school function so her guardians and Noah's parents will let them go.

Amber and Kevin tell Michael excitedly about finding Katherine's ring. Michael is concerned as to how they got the information, but utilizes it anyway. Eden takes advantage of Michael's distractedness in order to get him to agree to let her go to a school sponsored event, which is actually the ice skating party. Eden is excited he bought the story.

Nikki runs into Ashley and overhears that she, Abby, and Victor are going to have a family portrait taken. Nikki tells Ashley that she is fooling herself if she thinks they are a real family, but Ashley insists they are. Nikki also warns her about Victor's temperament, but Ashley reminds Nikki Victor is different with her than he is with Nikki.

At Newman, Victor tells Brad if he does not resign from the Newman board of directors, he will go public with the fact that Brad stole company secrets. When Brad tells Victor he doesn't care what people think of him, Victor uses Abby as ammunition. Brad is furious about that. After Victor leaves the room, Brad confronts Victoria for allowing Victor to do such a thing. He tells her she is becoming more and more like her father. Brad leaves without signing anything. Later, when Brad is waiting for the elevator, he overhears Abby talking to Victor about the family portrait. He confronts Ashley about allowing Victor to be her one and only father.

At the trailer park, Michael tells Katherine he has located the jeweler who bought her ring from the pawn shop. He tells her that he told the jeweler he had a wealthy client interested in some rings. Amber and Kevin help Kay get dolled up. Katherine says she feels comfortable and natural in the fancy clothes, but is frustrated because she still cannot remember anything.

At the club, Nikki gets some bad news from her sister, Casey. Brad comes in and sees Nikki's despair. She tells him Casey has cancer, and Brad offers his sympathy, which Nikki appreciates. Later, Brad is thrilled to be joined by Colleen and Traci. Brad and Traci reminisce about memories and Colleen is amused. Brad tells Traci it is so wonderful to see her and she says the same to him. They express their love and care for one another and their gratitude that they've been able to remain friends all of these years.

Noah asks Phyllis for permission to go to the school function. She grills them about it, and calls Michael to ensure he's given Eden permission to go. When Michael confirms, Phyllis says Noah can go as long as she drives them there. While Phyllis drives, Noah and Eden try to think of a plan to get to the real party.

At the coffeehouse, Amber sincerely apologizes to Kevin for accusing him of murdering Kay, and for hurting his feelings. They rekindle their friendship. Meanwhile, Kay and Michael meet with Nelson, the jeweler about the ring. Katherine is able to identify her ring, and Nelson is surprised she is still alive. They convince the jeweler to loan them the ring for 30 days to convince the judge Kay is still alive. Michael says now they must find a way to get the pawn broker to testify he bought the ring from Katherine.

Victor confronts Nikki about her comments to Ashley about the new family.

Sharon is surprised to find Brad at her door, after Traci encourages him to go after what he wants in life.

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