Saturday, February 14, 2009

Katherine's DNA Results

The Young and the Restless Update for Friday February 13, 2009

At the coffeehouse, Amber, Daniel, Jana, and Kevin are celebrating Katherine's DNA test. Daniel gets a call, notifying him that interest in his artwork has waned. He and Amber realize once Kay proves who she really is, Amber will lose her trust and their creative projects will no longer have funding. Kevin urges them to go after their dreams anyway.

Murphy and Kay enjoy their time together at the trailer park. They share a sweet kiss. Murphy leaves to go to his meeting, telling Katherine he will be at her celebration after he gets done.

Cane informs Chloe Billy and Lily are up at the Abbott cabin celebrating Valentine's Day. Cane has to leave for Jabot for a while. Once he's gone, Chloe drives herself crazy thinking about what Lily and Billy are doing. She tries to convince herself not to follow them to the cabin. She gets the address for the cabin, but tries to convince herself not to use it.

At Jabot, Jill and Cane talk about his marriage to Chloe. He tells his mom that Chloe has changed; she's a better woman. He says he believes all the lies and manipulation has stopped.

Summer makes secret Valentine's Day cards. Phyllis and Nick talk for a little bit before Nick tells her he needs to go to Newman to do a little work. When he arrives at Newman, he sees that Sharon is also there. She is working on a presentation. Nick comes over to look at what she's done, but they both realize they can't work together after everything that's happened. Sharon wants to know if Nick has decided to work on things with Phyllis and if he loves her. When Nick confirms he does love Phyllis, Sharon says she'll resign from Newman.

At the cabin, Billy and Lily play a game. They have to fight against the intense sexual attraction they share in order to take things slowly.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin receives a call from his mom. Gloria begs him to help her; she wants Kevin to get close to Katherine for her. She tells Kevin she has no one and that Kevin is all she has now. Kevin is annoyed and tells Gloria he isn't going to "help" her anymore with Katherine. He hangs up on her. After Katherine arrives at the coffeehouse, Kevin gets another call from Gloria. Katherine asks to talk with her. Kay tells Gloria she appreciates her friendship and that she was the first one to believe that Katherine is who she says she is. Gloria tells Kay she appreciates her friendship as well.

Daniel stops by his mother's house to visit. He asks his mom for a loan so that he can throw his own art show and spark interest in his artwork again. Phyllis agrees to give him the loan without hesitation. Daniel is surprised his mom is being so generous about her money. Daniel inquires about how his mom is doing and Phyllis admits she and Nick are having trouble in their marriage. Summer comes downstairs and gives Daniel a Valentine, which he adores. Daniel thanks Summer and his mom before he lease to go back to the coffeehouse.

At the cabin, things are getting heated between Billy and Lily. Billy stops things and tells Lily he has something to tell her.

Chloe finally gives in and drives herself to the cabin. She opens the cabin door in time to hear Billy tell Lily the baby Chloe is carrying is his, not Cane's.

Nick returns home and tells Phyllis Sharon resigned from Newman and he's decided to give their marriage everything. Phyllis is happy about that.

At Jabot, Cane is trying to write a letter to Chloe, but all he can think about is Lily and all the good times they shared. He finally gives up and realizes he needs to find Lily. He leaves Jabot to find Lily at the cabin.

At the coffeehouse, Katherine gets a call asking her if she could pick Murphy up. When she gets back to the trailer park, she finds Clint. Clint demands she come with him. Later, Murphy finds a note from Kay stating she can't take it anymore, she isn't Katherine, and that she is going to disappear.

Jill receives the results of the DNA test. She goes to the coffeehouse and informs everyone Katherine is not her mother.

At the cabin, Lily demands to know if Chloe's baby is really Billy's. Chloe confirms it is, and Lily goes off on both of them. She is furious that both of them have hurt her and Cane so badly. She tells them they deserve each other because they both lie and manipulate. Chloe's water breaks and she goes into labor.

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