Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cane and Heather call it quits

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday December 4, 2007:

Phyllis convinces Nick to go home with her for a little while. When they get home, Phyllis notices the beautiful flowers Nick had delivered to the house for her arrival. They make love and afterward Nick gives Phyllis a new video game, which they play together while eating pizza.

At the hospital, Colleen asks Lily to fill in for her at the "Go Green" fundraiser for her because she wants to stay at the hospital with her dad. Lily agrees.

Heather and Cane and Neil and Karen are at the fundraiser when Lily and Adrian arrive. Lily and Adrian soon discover that they are seated at the same table as Cane and Heather, which makes for an awkward situation. Lily tries to make small talk.

Adrian and Heather are both interested in the speaker's artwork, so they walk around and Lock at her art while Lily and Cane stay behind at the table and talk. Adrian asks Heather what her former roommate was like as a roommate and Heather reminisces about her friend and roommate Macey.

Dr. Webb tells Nikki and Victor that it is time to think about moving Victoria to a long-term care facility because her condition is stable and the hospital is not equipped to handle long-term care. Nikki and Victor discuss what to do and they agree that they should move Victoria back into the Newman Ranch.

Later, Nikki tells Victor that she wants to be near Victoria as much as possible and she tells him that she'd like to move back into the Ranch as well. Victor inquires about her status with David, but Nikki says the only important thing in her life right now is Victoria. Victor agrees to let her move back in, saying that he thinks Victoria needs her mother around.

Brad asks the doctor for the baby's blood type. Later, the doctor reveals that the baby's blood type is O-positive, which is both Brad and J.T.'s blood type as well. J.T. is angry that Brad went behind his back to try to figure out the paternity of the baby while Victoria and the baby are still so fragile.

J.T., Brad, and Colleen talk about names for the baby.

When the auction is over at the "Go Green" benefit Cane and Neil are both surprised when Karen wins the tickets to a concert both of them were bidding on all night. Karen tells Neil and Lily she is giving one ticket to each of them as Neil had been telling her that he and Lily used to listen to the group all the time when Lily was growing up.

After Neil, Karen, and Lily leave the fundraiser, Heather tells Cane that she could clearly see the chemistry between him and Lily. She also tells him that she doesn't feel any chemistry with him and she thinks they should just be friends. Cane agrees.

Brad tells the baby he is secretly naming him Arthur, after his father, when he is alone with the baby.

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