Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jack's exposed

The Young and the Restless update for Thursday December 6, 2007:

Sharon tries to convince Jack that everything will be okay with the ethics committee. Jack agrees, seeing as his "source" has told him that at least one senator's response to his heartfelt apology was favorable.

Gloria is elated with John's letter. She shows it to Lauren, who comments this is the happiest she has seen Gloria in a long time. Gloria is so thrilled to know that John truly loved her, up to the day he died. When Michael returns home, Gloria shows him the letter and they agree that they need to go back to Madison to speak to the ethics committee again.

Maggie and Heather head over to Newman with a search warrant for Victor's office there. Neil wonders what is going on. Maggie presents him with the warrant and Neil calls Victor to tell him that the police have warrants to search his office and house. David overhears and tries to call Nikki to tell her as well, but she cuts him off, saying that she cannot talk.

Nikki calls David back and tells him that she needs some things from her office. He packs them up and sends them over along with a love letter he wrote to her.

Neil heads over to the Newman Ranch to tell Victor about the search warrants as he did not receive a return phone call from Victor. At that moment, Maggie and other police officers show up to search Victor's home. He is not pleased to see them, but tells them to search quickly.

Victor calls Michael and demands he show up while they search his house. Michael tells him that he can't because he is in Madison. Victor is not pleased with this, but Michael tells him that he will check in with Victor when he returns to Genua City.

Ben informs Jack and Sharon that Victor's office and house are being searched. Ben and Jack are thrilled at this news, but Sharon is displeased and she feels horrible for what Victor is going through.

Michael and Ben meet with the committee chairman to decide if Gloria will be able to read John's letter to the committee. It is decided that she will be allowed to do so.

Gloria and Kevin meet Jack and Sharon outside the senate hearing room. Jack insults Gloria, but John's ghost tells him not to speak to his wife that way.

Victor finds the card David put in Nikki's package and reads it. He is angry, so he leaves the house, not telling Nikki where he's going.

Gloria reads John's letter to the senate committee. It becomes apparent that Jack helped his father write a new will. Gloria becomes enraged, and the senate committee, Jack, and Sharon are shocked at the reading of the letter.

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