Monday, December 3, 2007

Jack's senate hearing

The Young and the Restless update for Monday December 3, 2007:

Michael and Lauren attempt an intervention with Kevin to prevent him from marrying Jana. Kevin refuses to listen, however, and goes to the prison to visit Jana.

Jack prepares for his senate hearing. Ben, Daniel, and Sharon are there to support Jack through the hearing. The hearing starts and Jack is asked questions about his involvement with Jabot. John's ghost appears and urges Jack to tell the ethics committee the truth about why he purchased Jabot, but Jack tells his father he can't tell them the truth.

Brad approaches Nikki as she looks in on Victoria's baby. He tells her that he asked the hospital to hold off on the DNA test and issuing a birth certificate. Nikki is grateful for this.

Jill asks for the senate committee to allow her and Gloria to speak about how Jack's actions affected them as well as Jabot. The committee agrees to let each of them speak. The committee also asks Jack questions about his involvement in the Ji Min murder and his involvement in Clear Springs.

Ben and Jack discuss playing the tape of Victor pressuring Ji Min to get a confession out of Jack about owning Jabot at the hearing. Sharon reminds Jack that he promised her that he wouldn't do that and Jack keeps his word.

Jana tells Kevin that the doctors told her that her tumor hasn't grown back and they do not believe that it will ever grow back. Kevin is overjoyed at this news. Jana, however, maintains that she will not marry Kevin because she will still spend a lifetime in prison. Kevin is relentless in trying to get Jana to change her mind about marrying him.

Ben calls Maggie to check on the tape he gave her of Victor. She doesn't give him any information on what the police department is doing about it. However, when she hangs up the phone, she tells Paul that she will have to get a search warrant for Victor's house. She goes to the hospital and tells Victor she needs to ask him some questions, but Victor demands she leave, telling her that he could have her career ruined if she doesn't leave him alone. Maggie leaves the hospital, but tells Victor that he will have to answer some of her questions soon.

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