Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lily enters "Faces of Jabot" contest

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday December 12, 2007:

Nick and Phyllis watch Jack give his resignation on TV. Nick says he is both angry at Jack and feels sorry for him.

Gloria doesn't know what to say to Jeff's proposal. She tells him that she doesn't love him, but Jeff insists that it doesn't matter because marrying him would be better than spending the rest of her life in jail.

Lily's computer has trouble at the Athletic Club while she is trying to enter the "Faces of Jabot" competition. Daniel helps her fix it and Lily thanks him. Amber tells Daniel that she thinks she as "Marina" can beat Lily in the contest. Daniel tries to remind her that she cannot enter, but Amber doesn't listen.

Gloria tells Kevin about Jeff's proposal. She thinks that once she is married to Jeff, he will take her to the police and spend all of her money while she is locked up in jail.

Jack tells Noah about his resigning from the Senate. Noah hugs Jack in response to this news. Sharon remains furious with Jack and his actions.

Sharon talks to Nick about leaving Jack because she fears she will never be able to trust him, given all the lies he has told. Nick points out that Jack loves her very much. Nick also says he will be sure to make Noah's Christmas a good one no matter whether Sharon decides to stay or leave Jack at Christmas time. Sharon is grateful for that.

Phyllis meets Jack at the GCAC for a drink. They talk about the recent events. Phyllis asks Jack if he helped his father write a new will and Jack avoids the question by telling Phyllis how awful Gloria was. Jack also tells Phyllis that he doesn't know how Gloria tracked down Todd Scheller, John's cell mate. Phyllis recalls that she first found out about Todd and told Jana about him. She believes Jana gave Todd's name to Gloria to help her find out the truth about John's will.

Gloria tells Kevin that she sees no other way out of her situation than to marry Jeff. Kevin is infuriated by this.

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