Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gloria meets Todd Scheller

Heather and Cane talk and realize they are going to the same charity event. Heather offers to drive Cane there and he agrees.

Lily tells Colleen about her Thanksgiving with Cane and her family. She tells Colleen that they only spoke about two sentences to one another and Colleen tells Lily that that is probably because Cane didn't want to flirt with her in front of her dad.

Jana calls Kevin at Jabot and tells him that she is headed to the hospital for a test. He tells her that he will be right there to meet her. Gloria tries to discourage Kevin from pushing Jana to say yes to his marriage proposal, but Kevin tells his mother that he doesn't want to hear her say one more negative word about Jana.

Gloria and Jill meet at the Athletic Club to discuss marketing ideas for Jabot cosmetics. They want to aim a new line of cosmetics at the younger generation and call Lily over to ask her why she wears make-up. Cane walks over and tells Lily that she is a knockout, a natural beauty. Lily tells them that she thought her mom was always prettiest when she was happy, whether or not she was wearing make-up.

Later, Lily tries to ask Cane if he likes her at the coffeehouse, but before she can, Heather spots them and interrupts, telling Cane that she is getting off work earlier so he can pick her up for their date. Lily is very disappointed and lies to Cane, telling him she only wanted to ask him if he would donate money to the homeless charity she is working to raise money for.

Phyllis sees Jana in the hospital while she waits for her CT scan. She tells Phyllis that Kevin proposed to her and Phyllis is excited for her. Jana says that the only way she will accept Kevin's proposal is if she knows she will die soon.

Heather comes to the hospital to tell Phyllis that she is going to retry her case, but that is she pleads guilty to a lesser charge, she will make sure Phyllis only receives a probation period. In return, she asks Phyllis to get Daniel off her back.

Gloria and Kevin meet Todd Scheller at the courthouse, but find out that they need to talk to his father. Todd informs them that after his father got released from prison, he started drinking again and he doesn't know where he is now. He does say, though, that he found a letter addressed to Gloria in his father's duffel bag and tells Gloria and Kevin that he will look for it.

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