Friday, May 22, 2009

Raul Returns!

Cane and Lily enjoy their morning in bed on their honeymoon. Lily feeds Cane fruit, and the talk about taking a walk on the beach. They make love. Afterward, Lily tells Cane she was afraid she'd never be able to trust a man again, but Cane changed all of that for her. She says she can't wait to get back home to start their married life together. Cane says he thought he'd never have a beautiful wife and a family, but because of Lily, he does. Lily says she feels safe with Cane, that she feels like he will protect her and not let anything bad happen to her. Cane says he'll always be there for her. They get out of bed and have a champagne toast. Lily says she doesn't know much about Australia, and she thinks they should go there before they start having kids.

Nina and Amber argue about what to put in the screenplay at the Chancellor mansion. Nina wants to focus on Katherine stealing Jill's baby and finding Cane later in life while Amber wants to focus on all the great things Katherine's done instead of her mistakes.

Murphy and Esther sit out by the pool while Mac and Katherine prepare the food. Katherine inquires about Chloe's visit yesterday and Mac says Chloe just wanted to make sure Mac wasn't encouraging Billy's behavior. She tells her grandmother that Billy will be backing off anyway because there's another guy. Mac says she was in Darfur with him and it could have gotten serious.

In the pool house, Billy asks Chloe a lot of questions, and she reveals to him that she visited Mac yesterday. Chloe tells Billy Mac is crazy about someone, but it's not him! Billy says Mac made this guy up to appease Chloe, but Chloe doesn't buy it. Chloe says she doesn't think Mac would lie. She says it must be difficult to hide a broken heart. Billy gets irritated and tells Chloe to chill out a bit.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon is planning to go to Cassie's grave site. Jack offers to go with her, but she says she wants to go alone. Jack wonders if Nick will be there and Sharon says she's decided not to see him today. She tells Jack she's scared that she won't be able to talk about Cassie and not tell him about the baby that might be his!

Phyllis suggests that Nick go home to get some rest - he didn't sleep well last night. Phyllis says she assumes Nick will be meeting Sharon at Cassie's grave site later, but Nick tells her he can't reach Sharon. Phyllis offers to go with him to the cemetery, but Nick says he wants to go alone. He kisses her and heads out.

Nick goes to the Abbott mansion and tells Jack Sharon isn't responding to his phone calls. Jack tells Nick Sharon doesn't want to see him today - she wants to get through this alone. Jack says Sharon has her own reasons for wanting to do this alone, but Nick assumes it's because he wasn't there for her when Cassie died. Jack points out that Nick was grieving as well, but Nick continues to talk negatively about himself. Jack tells Nick his need to help Sharon isn't about Sharon, but is instead about him. Jack says this is Nick's "stuff," and he needs to deal with it and let Sharon be.

Billy and Chloe arrive at the Chancellor mansion for the barbecue and Katherine and Esther greet them. Mac goes to get some pool toys and Billy quickly says he'll help and follows her. Katherine inquires about how things are going for her and Billy. Chloe says they are better than when they started. Billy inquires as to why Mac called him yesterday and she tells him she found the karaoke tape. She suggests he let Delia listen to her "silly daddy" someday. Billy accuses Mac of making up her boyfriend to put Chloe at ease yesterday. Mac is angry; she gets up and storms away from him. Later, Billy apologizes for upsetting Mac. Mac tells Billy she had told him she'd moved on - what did he think she'd meant? She says of course she was with someone else and she cared very deeply for him. Billy wonders why Mac called him then? Mac says it was an impulsive thing to do and she wishes she could take it back - she doesn't know what she ever saw in him!

Amber, Chloe, and Nina sit at a table by the pool and chat. Amber asks what Phillip III was like, and Nina says he was a complicated person. Nina wonders how Cane figured out he was related to Jill. Chloe tells Nina to ask Amber about that because she was married to Cane. Amber wonders why Nina wants to get into all of that. Amber changes the subject and asks Chloe about Billy and Mackenzie. Chloe isn't happy that Billy is hitting on Mac in front of her entire family, and Amber wonders why Chloe puts up with the disrespect. Amber tells Chloe Billy doesn't deserve her! Nina pressures Amber to talk about Cane again, and Amber finally tells Nina Katherine began to have nightmares and finally realized she had switched the babies at birth. Amber explained how Katherine found Cane through a lot of Internet research and hired a psychic to help her.

Sharon goes to Restless Style and when Phyllis asks her if she's looking for Nick, Sharon said she already knows he isn't there - his car wasn't there. She asks Phyllis to keep Nick at the office for a while so that she can go to Cassie's grave alone. Phyllis says Nick is already at the grave site, so she can wait at Restless Style for a while if she wants. Phyllis inquires as to why Sharon wants to avoid Nick today and Sharon tells her it's best for everyone if she keeps her distance from Nick - she's back with Jack now and she's not living in the past anymore. Sharon thanks Phyllis for being hard on her when she was relying so hard on Nick, even though she resented her at times then. Phyllis admits she was selfish as well. They clear the air between them. Sharon assumes Nick is done at Cassie's grave now, so she's going to go have some time with her daughter.

Jack arrives at the barbecue and greet Katherine, telling her Sharon won't be attending because she's spending time at Cassie's grave. They go outside and everyone mills around for a while. Suddenly Jack says, "Raul Guiterrez! What is this, a Glo by Jabot reunion?" Everyone greets Raul and Billy introduces everyone. Raul is shocked that Billy has a wife and a baby now! Mac comes up behind Mac and says, "Raul?" They kiss passionately. Murphy notes that the kiss is some kiss hello! Billy stares in shock.

Sharon arrives at Cassie's grave and talks to her, saying she would have been in college now. Sharon begins to cry and Nick appears. Sharon told him she didn't want to see him and tries to walk away, but Nick grabs her arm to stop her. He tells her he thinks they need to grieve for Cassie together, and they talk about how hard it is to move on from her death, how hard it is to let her go. They wonder if Cassie would want them to move on or if she feels lonely now and if they moved on, if she'd feel abandoned. Nick wonders what Cassie would think about what their lives have become. He says her prophecy cannot come true now. Phyllis arrives and sees Nick and Sharon talking, so she hides behind the gate to listen. Sharon tells Nick Cassie's prophecy may come true because she's pregnant and the baby might be his!

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