Monday, May 18, 2009

Estella Didn't Make the Call

The Young and the Restless update for Monday May 18, 2009:

Ashley runs into Victor's arms when he arrives home at the Ranch. She cries and tells Victor she can't stay in this house anymore - Sabrina called and said she was going to die! Victor sits Ashley down on the couch and she tells him how Sabrina kept saying it was her and that she couldn't escape, Ashley was going to die. Adam tells Victor he was standing right there the entire time Ashley was on the phone, and that it must have been Estella. Victor checks Ashley's phone and it reads, "invalid number." Victor then calls Estella's house and Rafe answers the phone. Victor has him check the outgoing calls, and finds out Estella didn't call. Victor tells Adam it wasn't Estella.

Nina compliments Phyllis and Nick on Restless Style at the wedding reception. They ask her to write a piece for them, and she agrees happily. Nearby, Jill tells Billy she can't believe both of her sons got married within a few weeks of each other. Billy asks Jill again about what kind of trouble she was in, and Jill avoids the question. Jana and Kevin arrive and Kevin is feeling anxious about the crowd. Katherine comes over and tells Kevin to take it one day at a time, to take it one second at a time if he needs to, and they are all going to be there to support him. Roxane and Devon talk with Ana and Tyra. Mac asks Devon if he has seen Colleen. Billy comes over and informs everyone Colleen had to leave because her grandmother was in an accident. Ana asks if she will be okay, and Billy says they don't know yet. She says she'll pray for her. Devon gets a call informing him that Cane and Lily are on their way in.

Everyone applauds as Cane and Lily appear. Nina congratulates the couple, and Cane says he'd like to meet Phillip one day. Amber and Chloe agree that Lily's dress is boring, just like her. Jill overhears the conversation and informs them that the dress was her mother's! Jill wonders why Amber is even there. She asks Jill why she's such a hater - is it because she's close to Katherine? Jill says she disliked Amber long before she became close with Katherine. Nick and Phyllis talk with Cane and Lily. Phyllis tells them the response to the Restless Style cover has been great.

Tyra squeals happily when she sees Aunt Virginia come into the reception. Devon introduces his Great Aunt Virginia to Roxane and Neil. Virginia thanks Neil for what he's done for the family. Tyra wants to talk with Virginia, but Devon takes her to get a drink first. Neil says this is exciting - Tyra and Ana have more family than Devon - but Tyra does not seem to be thrilled. Virginia meets Lily and Cane and tells them she'll be in town for a while.

Nick and Phyllis talk with Daniel and Amber. Phyllis asks Daniel to have the photos uploaded tonight. After Amber and Daniel leave, Nick and Phyllis reminisce about their reception. Phyllis brings up the incident with Sharon in the club, and Nick says she wasn't feeling well. Phyllis says Sharon seems to not feel well most of the time. Nick suggests they have some fun - they've been through a lot together and they're still here. They drink to survival and fun.

Cane and Lily dance for the first time as husband and wife and share a passionate kiss. Jill and Neil begin to dance next and agree that Cane and Lily are great in-laws to have. They joke about grandchildren as well. Devon asks Mac to dance and thanks her for filling in for Colleen while Billy watches. Jana convinces Kevin to dance and Amber asks Daniel to dance, but he says he can't right now because he has to keep taking photos. She seems dejected. Billy pulls Chloe onto the dance floor and they joke about old times and their wedding. Neil cuts in and dances with Lily. She tells her father she hopes her marriage to Cane is half as good as his was to Dru. Jill dances with Cane and Jill suggests he take his father's name. Katherine and Murphy dance alongside Jill and Cane and Katherine says she loves Cane just as she did Phillip and she believes taking the Chancellor name is a good idea. Cane says he wants to think about it. Cane dances with Katherine, then, and Murphy dances with Jill. Cane remarks that Jill is being civil with Katherine, and Kay says she hopes Jill is softening.

Amber finally gets Daniel to dance by the door. Kevin and Jana come up alongside them and they switch partners. Nick and Phyllis dance nearby and kiss. Virginia talks with Devon about Tyra adopting Ana. She says she thought courts usually prefer a blood relative to adopt a child, and Devon is confused by this statement. She leaves to freshen up. Billy comes over to Kevin and starts taunting him, calling him the silver chipmunk and a psycho. Mac overhears this and tells Billy he's nothing like the way she remembered - she is so disappointed in him!

Katherine, Jill, and Nina talk about Cane meeting Phillip, Nina's son. Amber comes over and asks them if they are talking about the movie. Jill wonders what she's talking about and Amber tells her she and Nina are co-writing Katherine's book into a movie. Jill is not impressed.

Lily and Cane give a speech about how they appreciate their families and friends before they cut the cake. Neil goes to put his hand on Tyra's shoulder, and Devon rolls his eyes at this.

Olivia arrives at the Ranch at Victor's request. Victor fills her in on the phone call - he thinks Ashley might be stressed and he wants her to check Ashley out. Ashley is thrilled Victor called Olivia to come check on her. Olivia asks Adam to leave them alone for a moment, so he leaves the room. Adam talks to Victor, who asks him if he heard a voice on the other end of the phone. Adam says he only heard Ashley's voice. Olivia takes Ashley's blood pressure and temperature. Ashley tells her that Victor must think she's losing her mind, but Olivia assures her he doesn't think that. Olivia tells Ashley her temperature and blood pressure are elevated and she wants Ashley to check into the hospital for the night. She wants Ashley to talk to someone. Ashley becomes upset, telling Olivia she doesn't need to talk to anyone - she needs for her and Victor to believe her! Olivia tells Ashley she believes her. Adam comes back into the room and tells Ashley Estella didn't make the phone call! In the other room, Olivia tells Victor she wouldn't dismiss the idea that Ashley may be having another nervous breakdown. Victor says he was afraid of that. Olivia returns to Ashley and leads her upstairs to get some rest.

Victor thanks Adam for being so kind to Ashley. Victor leaves the room. Adam says it's a little late for that!

Nick and Phyllis go back to Restless Style so Phyllis can find her keys. They agree they've had more fun than they've had in ages. They make love there and agree doing so makes them feel more connected.

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