Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Appears to All of His Children

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday May 27, 2009:

Adam listens via his laptop while Olivia and Victor comfort Ashley after her nightmare about Sabrina. Victor asks Ashley if she can remember her dream, but she tells him she can't remember the details. Adam is frustrated because he wanted to make her nightmare come true! Olivia tells Ashley she had vivid dreams when she was carrying Nate and it's not a problem if it's not disturbing her sleep. Ashley admits she needs to sleep more, but she doesn't want to take drugs. Olivia suggests some lavender under her pillow and Victor offers to get her some. Ashley says she'll try to go back to sleep and Victor and Olivia leave the room.

Gloria and Jeff tromp into the coffeehouse while Gloria complains about how they had to spend four days getting home by boat and bus. Gloria wants to go to the Club to take a bath, but Jeff tells her they've been kicked out and their stuff has been put into storage until they pay! Jeff suggests Gloria sell her diamonds, but she says it's too risky. Jeff says she'll have to borrow money from Michael and Kevin or get a job. Jeff and Gloria search the classified ads and they discover a pent house apartment. Gloria says they have to keep the landlord from finding out they can't afford it, and Jeff loves the idea.

Jack is at home when Jill pays him a visit. She thanks him for helping her with the Caymans situation and then tells Jack they are both victims of Katherine's corporate greed. She says Katherine will never sell the Abbotts Jabot. Jill says she has a great business partnership idea, but Jack doesn't want to have anything to do with it. He tells Jill to talk to the "Mustache" about it! Jill tells Jack he's making a mistake as she leaves. After she's gone, John appears and says Jack could have been nicer to Jill. John says he's disappointed with both of his sons for being petty. Jack points out that Billy slept with Sharon, but John reminds Jack that he slept with Jill when she was married to his father as well. Jack says he doesn't want to talk about that. John reminds Jack to remember that no matter what, Billy is his brother.

Billy calls Chloe in the pool house. He gets her voicemail and he tells her that she's made her point - she and Delia need to come home now! Jill shows up at the pool house and asks Billy what Jack's problem is. She tells him how Jack blew her off when she said she had a great business proposal, and wants to know if Billy will talk to Jack for her. Billy tells his mother that he and Jack are not on good terms right now. Jill wonders where Cordelia is and Billy tells his mother that when he came home, Chloe and the baby were gone. Jill wants to know what Billy did this time, and Billy seems offended that she automatically thinks he did something wrong. Jill says she knows Chloe loves him, but wonders if he wants Chloe back. Billy says he doesn't want to hurt Chloe or lose Delia. Jill remarks that Cordelia will always be a part of his life and she can't blame Chloe for walking out on him because he cannot make a commitment. She tells him he needs to decide if he is in or out.

Raul and Mac chat outside by the pool at the Chancellor mansion. Raul wonders if Billy cheated on Chloe. Suddenly, Chloe appears. Raul offers to go talk some sense into Chloe, but Chloe says she doubts it would do any good. Mac offers to go and Chloe says she thinks it would be worse if she went. Esther comes out and Chloe tells her mother she is done being a doormat. Esther and Chloe go in and Raul tells Mac that perhaps Billy is not in love with Chloe. Raul wants Mac to go back to Washington with him.

Esther and Chloe talk outside. Chloe tells her mother that Billy has shut her out completely. She says she needs to set an example for Delia - she should not be treated this way. Raul tells Mac he was promoted at work and he'd like to hire her and work with her while they are planning their wedding. Mac says she's not ready to leave Genua City yet - she wants to spend more time with Katherine first. Raul worries about how they will see one another - he does not want to be separated from her again, but Mac says they'll figure it out. Mac walks over to Chloe and apologizes for the way things are going between her and Billy. Chloe says this is all Mac's fault. Mac insists it isn't her fault. Raul walks over and kisses Mac good-bye. When he leaves, Chloe says he's a nice guy - too bad he is clueless! Chloe says she's glad Delia is too young to know what is going on as she giggles nearby. Mac and Chloe talk about their childhoods - Chloe assumed Mac had it easy. Mac notes that Chloe really loves Billy. Chloe says that makes two of them. Mac says she doesn't love Billy like that anymore, but Chloe tells Mac that Billy doesn't know this.

Ashley sits and holds a pillow in her bedroom. John appears and greets Ashley. Ashley begins to talk to her father about how scared she is, and Adam is baffled, squinting at the laptop where Ashley appears to be talking to herself. Ashley tells her father how much she wants this baby and she doesn't know what she'll do if she loses it. John tells her not to put so much pressure on herself. She tells her dad that she remembers the dream and lied to Victor about it. She says the doorknob was rattling and Sabrina comes into her room wearing a black veil. She says that Sabrina wanted to smother her and picks up the pillow to do so. Ashley goes back to sleep and wakes up later in pain.

Downstairs, Victor and Olivia talk about having Ashley talk to a therapist again, but Victor doesn't want to push her into another nervous breakdown. Olivia suggests that Victor see a psychologist so that he can learn what signs to look for himself. Olivia gets on the phone to make the arrangements. Adam comes into the room and discusses Ashley's situation with Victor. As Olivia is getting off the phone, Ashley comes downstairs and announces she's bleeding - she's scared she might be losing the baby!

Jill runs into Gloria and Jeff at the coffeehouse and they all try to pretend they didn't lose everything. In the end, though, they all admit they are destitute. They promise one another they will tell no one how broke they are.

Esther sits down with Chloe to chat some more. Esther says she's known Mac a while and she believes she's a straight shooter - she doesn't play games. Chloe gets Billy's message and tells her mom he did not apologize. Esther asks her daughter if it's more important to be right or happy? Jill appears and says she loves having Cordelia at the house - she wished they'd never left in the first place. Jill advises Chloe not to give ultimatums if she is not prepared to live with the consequences - she says Billy is very confused and he could go either way at this point.

John appears to Billy in the pool house and tells him he has a lot of growing up to do! John asks Billy what he's going to do about Chloe and Delia. Billy says he doesn't know - does his father have any suggestions? There's a knock at the door and it's Mac. She wants to know why Billy isn't at the Chancellor mansion trying to get Chloe and his daughter back! Mac tells him if he wants to do right by his daughter, he'll go over there now and get them back. She reminds him that he does not want another man raising his daughter. Billy confronts Mackenzie about marrying Raul. She tells him she loves him, and even if Billy were available she'd marry him because she and Billy can't go back now.

Gloria and Jeff go to Restless Style to talk to the owner of the penthouse they want to rent - Phyllis! Phyllis is surprised they want to rent from her, but agrees to let them do so, provided they give her first and last month's rent and deposit as the lease calls for. Gloria and Jeff laugh about how great this is - there's no need to do any background checks. Phyllis points out that they didn't sign the check before she takes a phone call. Gloria and Jeff congratulate each other on their luck, but realize they only have about $100 after Phyllis cashes their check. Jack appears and he's shocked when Phyllis hands Gloria and Jeff keys as they leave. Phyllis wants to know what Jack wants and he says he wants to talk about Sharon's baby!

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