Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tyra's Not Related

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday May 19, 2009:

At the reception, Daniel tries to get Lily and Cane to smash the cake into each other's faces. Cane says Lily is too pretty to do that, but Lily has fun getting some cake onto Cane. Daniel takes some pictures for the Restless Style website. Afterwards, Devon sits back down with Virginia. He says a comment she made earlier confused him - he says she made it sound like Tyra wasn't related to him. Virginia tells Devon Tyra isn't blood-related - Devon's grandmother took Tyra in when she was young after her mother died! Devon asks if Tyra knows, and Virginia says she does, she's known since she was a teenager. Devon is quite shocked that Tyra didn't tell him about this.

Billy talks with Katherine about Mac. He says something bad always slips out of his mouth when she's around and he's frustrated. Kay points out that that ship has already sailed, yet he is still chasing it with an anchor named Chloe around his neck.

Michael and Lauren eat dinner at the Club. Lauren checks on Eden and Fen by phone and tells Michael they're fine. Michael remarks that at least they know what they're doing. He says he hasn't heard from Gloria and she isn't returning his messages or texts. Michael worries Gloria and Jeff are getting into trouble, but Lauren tells him that if they are in trouble, they will call. Lauren says it's time to concentrate on them - they haven't had a date night in ages. She hands him an envelope with the tickets to Monte Carlo in it - she wants to cash in her trip! Also in the envelope is a room key. Michael calls out for the check so they can head upstairs.

At the reception, Mac talks with Kevin and Jana and apologizes for Billy's behavior. Kevin tells her it's okay - Billy's always been a jerk and he doesn't know what she ever saw in him!

Jill asks Katherine if she is really going to do this movie and Katherine says she is. Jill expresses that she thinks it's a horrible idea. Nina tells Jill if she'd quit being so self-obsessed, she'd realize it is a great idea. Murphy makes a suggestion for an actor for the movie, and Amber says maybe they can get Glenn Close to play Jill - she did a very convincing Cruella DeVille! Jill threatens to put a stop to the movie.

Neil dances with Tyra and says there is still so much he doesn't know about her - he'll enjoy finding out more. Devon dances with Roxanne and glares at them nearby. Neil tells Tyra he speak to Devon about this - he doesn't have the right to tell Neil who he can date and when.

Lily and Daniel talk. Lily says she's thinking about becoming an interior designer, and Daniel says she'll make a great one. Daniel and Lily agree that although things didn't work out for them as a couple, things turned out well for both of them. They wish each other well and hug.

Amber goes over to Chloe and remarks that Lily has it all. She says she wishes for once in her life, she was living the fairytale. Chloe asks about Daniel, and Amber tells her at the rate they are going, she'll be Katherine's age before they get married! Chloe tells her to make it happen - she has before.

Jill complains to Billy about the movie Katherine is going to make. Billy observes she really isn't upset about the movie - she's upset about the trouble Jack said she was in. Jill makes Billy promise he won't tell anyone. She tells him she's broke! Billy promises he won't tell anyone and offers his mother help from the trust John left him. Jill says Billy is very sweet, but she will manage. Billy goes over to Chloe, Cane, and Lily and Cane thanks Billy for coming to the wedding. He proposes this could be a new start for all of them. Billy agrees they should give it a shot. Chloe apologizes for her past actions and wishes Cane and Lily the best. Cane picks Lily up and starts to carry her out. She tosses her bouquet and Amber catches it!

Michael and Lauren make out and eat brownies in bed in their room at the Club. Afterward, they head home. Michael tells Lauren she makes him feel like a teenager and they agree to plan their trip to Monte Carlo in the morning.

At the reception, Kevin tells Amber she'll be the next one to get married, but Daniel says if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Amber is displeased with this comment. Mac is about to leave, but Billy stops her. He apologizes for his behavior toward Kevin, but Mac doesn't feel like forgiving him. She walks away. Chloe joins Billy so they can leave, but he asks her to wait. Billy goes over to Kevin and Jana and apologizes for his behavior. Jana goes off on Billy. After Billy leaves, Kevin says he doesn't need Jana fighting his battles for him! Alone now, Kevin and Jana slow dance in the silence and Kevin thanks her for being so patient with him - he knows she didn't sign up for a crazy husband. Jana tells him she promised to stay by him in sickness and in health. They kiss. They head home and make love in the elevator.

Roxane, Devon, and Ana are back at Lily and Cane's decorating and picking up the dog for the night. Roxane asks Devon why he's so upset and he tells her he's upset about Neil and Tyra, but she doesn't understand why he's upset about them dancing together.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine, Murphy, Mac, and Nina sit in the living room chatting. Jill comes in and complains she had hoped to find some peace and quiet. Murphy offers to rent Jill the trailer, where she can find a lot of peace and quiet, but Jill tells everyone she isn't going anywhere! Jill leaves the room. After she's gone, Mac says she feels sorry for Jill. Nina says that Jill's always been a mess and it's her own fault. Katherine says she's tried to let Jill know she doesn't have to be alone. Once Mac and Nina are alone, Nina remarks that it's weird being back because there are so many reminders of Phillip - it's hard to believe he's really gone. They bid each other a good night. Mac goes to get something out of her car, and opens the front door to find Billy standing there!

At home, Daniel is uploading the photos to the website, but Amber wants to talk. She tells Daniel she's already lost two children and her biological clock is ticking. Daniel says they've already talked about this - he's not ready to make that kind of commitment. Amber becomes offended, thinking Daniel doesn't want to be married to her. Daniel says he doesn't want to get married to anyone right now - he thinks they still have plenty of time. Amber wonders if she should waste her time on a relationship that isn't going anywhere, but Daniel tells her that an ultimatum won't change his mind. Amber goes to bed, holds the bouquet she caught, and cries.

Cane and Lily come home to find their place decorated. Cane tells Lily Devon took Humphrey for the night. They kiss. Lily changes and they have a toast. Lily says they'll never be apart again. Cane says he's made mistakes, but he promises to never disappoint her again. They begin to kiss and move onto the couch to make love.

Devon checks on Virginia at the Club, and she tells him how good it is to see him again - she was sad when they lost touch before. She tells Devon she's sad about what the drugs did to his mom, and she wasn't always that way. She says Devon and Ana got their singing voices from their mother - she had a beautiful voice as well. Virginia hands Devon a letter Yolanda wrote to Devon's father a long time ago - she never sent it. Devon reads the letter where Yolanda tells him she gave birth to his son. He realizes his father never knew he had a son.

Neil takes Tyra to his house and pours them drinks. He toasts to her - the second most beautiful woman at the reception tonight - next to Lily. They begin to kiss and head to the bedroom to make love.

Chloe is at home where Delia begins to cry. Chloe picks her up and holds her, thinking.

Mac asks Billy what he's doing there. He says he had to see her. Mac begins to scream at Billy to leave her alone! Katherine comes to the door and tells Billy he heard her - go home. As Billy leaves, Kay hugs Mac.

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