Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sharon's Unravelling

The Young and the Restless update for Thursday May 21, 2009:

Billy looks at his cell phone in the pool house and sees he missed a phone call from Mac. He tells Chloe he has to go to work to work on a special project from Jack. Chloe picks out a tie for him to wear, and he leaves. Chloe thinks back to their morning in bed when Jack knocks on the door. Chloe tells Jack he just missed Billy - he just went to start that new project Jack gave to him. Jack looks confused! He utters under his breath he knows exactly where Billy is. Chloe tells Jack Billy has been great lately, and he is surprised to hear this. They discuss how impulsive Billy can be, and Chloe begins to wonder if that is what this morning was. After Jack leaves, Delia begins to cry. When she goes to get Delia's blanket, she finds Billy's phone and sees that Mac called.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mac listens to the duet tape she and Billy made. Katherine comes into the room and tells Mackenzie she wanted to give her a heads up - she is going to invite Billy and Chloe to the barbecue. Mac talks to Katherine about Billy, saying even if he left Chloe, he'd still be miserable because he would feel he let Delia down. Kay says if she hadn't shown up at the wedding, Billy's focus wouldn't have been on her ever since then, but Mac says she can't help that - she's tried. Kay wonders what would have happened if Mac had shown up earlier and Mac admits she doesn't know.

Paul shows up at Mary Jane's door and says he knows her from somewhere and it's driving him crazy. With a little convincing, Mary Jane finally agrees to meet Paul downstairs in the Club for lunch. When Mary Jane comes downstairs, she's wearing sunglasses, telling Paul she feels a migraine coming on. Paul begins to ask Mary Jane about her background, but she doesn't give him a lot of information. Paul says he recognizes her laugh and says perhaps they met through a family connection? Mary Jane gets pretty uncomfortable and suddenly jumps up, saying her migraine is killing her, and leaves. After she's gone, Paul makes a phone call and orders a full background check on Mary Jane!

At Restless Style, Nick looks at the drawing Summer gave him and flashes back to when Cassie gave him a drawing of their family. He comes back to the present in order to thank Summer for her drawing. Nick sighs and wonders when this gets easier. Phyllis says she wishes she could do something to help him, but Nick says she already has - she's given him Summer. Phyllis wants to know what Nick is feeling - no matter what it is. Nick finally tells her he's worried about Sharon - she's unravelling and she has been for a long time now. Phyllis says she's worried about Sharon too - she has a lot going on. She tells Nick she can see Sharon falling apart, but she's getting the help she needs now. Nick feels guilty because he wasn't there for her when Cassie died and that's when all of this started. Phyllis tells Nick he made a mistake, but he'd never do that again - he's a different person now. Nick feels he needs to be there for Sharon now, but Phyllis reminds Nick he isn't her doctor, priest, therapist, or husband. Nick tells Phyllis Sharon has told him to stay away, but he feels this is all his fault. Phyllis tells Nick Sharon may want to move forward with Jack, but she can't because Nick won't let her go. Nick tells Phyllis he values her and Summer. Phyllis tells Nick not to think for a second that she doesn't need him as much as Sharon does. Phyllis leaves the office while Nick draws with Summer.

Sharon holds Cassie's drawing and cries. Billy comes in and asks if she's okay. He wants to know why she moved back in with Jack - it's uncomfortable for him. He wonders if it is uncomfortable for her as well. Billy worries about what would happen if Chloe and Jack found out he might be the father of Sharon's baby. Sharon tells Billy Jack already knows he might not be the baby's father. Billy wonders if there is a third candidate for the father?! Sharon says Jack knows she was with someone else, but he doesn't know it was Billy. Billy insists that Sharon living at the Abbott mansion isn't ideal because it could all blow up in their faces! Billy says he would fall in love with the baby if it is his. Billy says Jack's been like a father to him and he doesn't know what he'd do if Jack ever found out. Suddenly, Jack appears and wants to know what he's interrupting!

Sharon says she was already emotional before Billy came in. Billy leaves the room. Sharon tells Jack Billy was worried about him - he doesn't want to see him get hurt again by Sharon. Jack buys this and he tells her not to worry. Sharon tells Jack Nick deserves the truth. Jack tells Sharon she shouldn't tell Nick yet because she'd be ruining a marriage and Summer's world and it might be for nothing. Sharon says she needs to tell Nick because she needs him right now. Jack realizes Nick is the only other person who knows what it's like to have lost Cassie. Sharon tells him it hurts worse than he can even imagine. Jack wonders if she wants to hurt Nick, and if not, she shouldn't tell him yet. Sharon agrees and they hug.

Chloe goes to the Chancellor mansion. Mac asks how she is and Chloe says she isn't doing great and she believes Mac knows why. Katherine comes in and invites her to the barbecue tomorrow. Chloe thanks her, but says they need some family time. Katherine takes Delia outside to see the decorations. Chloe confronts Mac about calling Billy, telling Mackenzie it's hard enough to try and build a life with someone as immature as Billy without Mac interfering. She says she can't even make love with Billy without Mac calling and reminding him of what he doesn't have. Mac says the call was an impulsive thing to do - she just wanted to show Billy something she thought he'd find funny. Chloe wants to know what she wants with Billy? Mackenzie tells Chloe she isn't a threat to her marriage. Chloe insists if it weren't for Cordelia, she'd let Mac and Billy be together because she doesn't like humiliating herself like this. Mackenzie says she doesn't want to be the other woman. As they talk, Chloe learns that Mac and Billy never slept together. Mac also tells her that up until recently, she was seeing someone else seriously. Chloe wants to know what happened, and Mac says timing, she isn't very good at it.

Billy goes back to the pool house, looking for Chloe. He checks his phone and finds no messages. He goes to the Chancellor mansion and overhears Chloe bidding farewell to Mac and Katherine. Chloe says she'll be attending the barbecue after all, and Mac promises to keep her distance. Chloe asks Mac why she doesn't bring a date. Chloe suggests bringing the guy from Africa, but Mac says they haven't talked in a while and isn't sure it'd be a good thing. Billy leaves.

Nick calls Sharon while she's on the couch at the Abbott mansion, but she doesn't answer it.

Billy returns to the pool house, angry. He's surprised when he finds Jack there. Jack tells Billy Sharon told him what's going on and thanks him for looking out for Jack where Sharon is concerned. Jack says he knows the baby may not be his, but he doesn't mind. Billy tells his brother he hopes it works out for him because he'll make a wonderful father. Jack hugs his brother.

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