Thursday, June 25, 2009

Estella's Arraigned

Victor calls Victoria and asks her to come over. Ashley comes into the room and Victor advises her not to go to the courthouse today where Estella's arraignment is being held because it might upset her. Victor remarks that he doesn't think the case is airtight against her. Adam walks through the front door and when asked where he was, he tells his father he needed some fresh air. He admits he didn't sleep much last night and Victor assures him he isn't alone - he's going to keep looking for a way for Adam to get his sight back. Adam goes upstairs. Victor remembers when he found out Hope was pregnant and how she was afraid she could pass on her condition to her baby. Victor says he feels like he failed both Hope and Adam and he doesn't blame Adam for being angry.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki tells J.T. she thinks Estella was framed by Adam. J.T. wonders if there is any evidence to back this up and Nikki admits there isn't anything solid yet. Victoria comes over and they continue to debate on whether or not Adam could be scaring Ashley. Victoria tells them they might as well all go spit on Sabrina's grave! She leaves to get more coffee and J.T. explains to Nikki that Victoria has been upset about Sabrina lately.

At the coffeehouse, Noah sees Rafe and asks him how he can become an emancipated minor! Rafe tells him he has to be able to support himself and he also has to have a place to live. Rafe tells Noah to come by his office later because he's due in court for Estella's arraignment. Noah receives a call from Nick, requesting Noah meet him and Sharon at the Club. Nick tells Noah they have important news to tell him. Noah agrees to meet them at the Club.

Sharon and Nick sit in the dining room at the Club and Nick talks about how their lives are coming together - they've found a house and soon they will have the paternity results. Noah arrives and they tell him they've found a house to buy - they can all live together as a family again. Noah says the house sounds nice, but he isn't going to move in - he doesn't want to live with them! Noah says he doesn't want Summer to go through what he went through with visitations. Noah tells them that they'll probably screw up the baby as well! He goes on to say he's going to file for emancipation. Sharon points out that they haven't abused or neglected them and thinks Noah's over-reacting. She says family therapy would be a better choice. Nick wants to know if Noah has filed yet and Noah admits he hasn't, but he's talked to a lawyer. Nick accuses Noah of wanting to file for emancipation in order to live with Eden. Noah tells them it isn't about Eden - they just don't understand. Nick says Noah shouldn't be in such a rush to grow up, but Noah says he isn't going to continue talking with them if they are only going to make fun of him.

In her room at the Club, Mary Jane talks to her kitty about how she is going to live happily with Jack, but sometimes men just need a little nudging! Jack comes in and wants to know what the important business is? Mary Jane strips and asks what's more important than keeping the CEO of the company happy? They kiss and head for the bed to make love. After making love, Mary Jane imagines she tells Jack she's falling for him and he reciprocates the sentiment. In reality, Jack's phone ring and Mary Jane asks if it's Phyllis? Jack is confused by her question. Mary Jane tries to make love to him again, but Jack stops her. He reiterates that their relationship is only about sex and he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Mary Jane says she has no intention of getting hurt. She tells Jack she'll see him later and shows him out. She tells kitty that it's happening, but she needs to take it slow.

Heather comes to Adam's room and wonders if everything is okay - he sounded very upset on the phone. Adam apologizes for how he acted yesterday. He tells Heather that thanks to Victor leaving him in prison - where he was stuck in the eyes with needles - he is no longer a candidate for a trial for his eye disease. Adam blames all of his troubles on Victor. Heather tells him they will have a life together in the future, but Adam says he's useless now. Heather assures Adam he is intelligent, caring, and that she loves him. They kiss passionately and make love. Adam tells her she's the only person he trusts now.

J.T. and Victoria arrive at the Ranch. Victoria tells Victor it was very difficult for her to learn that he had Sabrina's statue removed and to see him take her portrait down. Victor admits it was hard for him, too. He wants Victoria to help him rebuild his art collection and Victoria is moved. She says that this action shows her that her father understands and that she's going to make Sabrina very proud. When Victoria leaves, J.T. thanks Victor for doing that - it means a lot to Victoria and made her happy. He tells Victor Nikki believes Estella was framed. Victor wonders who else could have set up Estella. Victor wonders about Mary Jane. They discover Mary Jane has been at the Ranch quite often! Victor says he'll take it from here. J.T. leaves. Adam listens as Victor calls Mary Jane and arranges to meet with her outside his home.

At the courthouse, Estella is upset and Nikki tries to reassure her. They are both surprised when Ashley appears and says Estella will be brought to justice! Estella goes into the courtroom and Nikki tells Ashley Estella was framed - most likely by Adam! Ashley says Adam has been there for her and her baby many times and couldn't have framed Estella. Rafe appears and tells Ashley the charges against Estella will be thrown out, but it won't undo the emotional stress that she and Victor have put Estella through. Rafe goes into the courtroom and is able to get Estella out of prison on bail. Before she leaves, Ashley tells Estella she might be free for now, but it won't last. Ashley demands to know why Heather didn't oppose bail and Heather tells her Estella has no prior record, is not a flight risk, and the evidence is circumstantial. Nikki tells Ashley an innocent woman is being punished because she and Victor cannot see who is really trying to hurt her.

Jack walks into the Club dining room in time to hear Noah tell his parents they are too screwed up to handle their own lives, let alone his. Jack comes over and says it's a big deal to become an emancipated minor and asks to speak with Noah alone. He tells Noah his parents love him. Noah says they ruined so many people's lives, including Jack's. Jack denies this, but Noah doesn't believe it. Jack encourages Noah to wait a few weeks to make a final decision on becoming emancipated. Noah agrees and leaves. As Jack walks back over to Sharon and Nick, Sharon get s call notifying her that the paternity results are in. Jack says he knows Sharon hopes Nick is the father and he hopes she gets her wish.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria expresses her excitement about rebuilding her father's collection. J.T. sets some ground rules - no more meeting with strange guys in dark alleys! Victoria decides which piece she will acquire first and makes a call about it. The same man who threw the glass when he found out Daniel was out on bail takes the call!

Victor meets with Mary Jane. He says she's crossed boundaries before and now she's doing it again - getting involved with his family, wandering on his property, and stabbing him in the back - does she think she's going to get away with it?! Victor asks her several questions, including if she recognizes the spot - where Sabrina's statue was. She doesn't understand what he's talking about. He tells her the statue was mutilated and she denies having anything to do with it. Victor tells her to keep focused on Jack Abbott alone.

Nikki talks to Rafe after court. She says she suspects Adam of framing Estella. She tells him about how Adam has lied to her and how Sabrina's voice was coming out of his computer. Rafe is definitely interested.

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