Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mary Jane - The Spy

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday June 9, 2009:

Sharon awakens at the Club in bed while Nick emerges from the shower and joins her in bed. Sharon says that Jack will be worried about her because she didn't come home last night. Nick tells her he already knows.

Phyllis wakes up on her sofa to find Jack sitting in a chair beside her. Phyllis thanks Jack for taking her home from the Club and staying with her. She says J.T. will be bringing Summer home, so Jack decides to leave. Mary Jane watches Jack leave outside and whispers that Phyllis cannot steal her man!

Daniel talks to Jana on the phone and tells her he can't let the fake Aucker sell the forged painting. He tells Jana he's going to go to the ally to stop Aucker before he meets with Victoria. Daniel prepares to leave, but Amber comes in and starts kissing him, telling him they have to celebrate. Daniel tells Amber they can celebrate later - he needs to go out and get supplies. Amber says he's lying - he doesn't want her! Daniel is afraid another relationship talk is approaching. Amber tells Daniel they are celebrating the fact that one year ago Katy Pary told Amber she liked her designs. She shows him a bra design she made just for him and Daniel gives in and makes love to her. After making love, Amber talks about how great things are for them and how she was afraid of Kevin when they were on the run. Amber finally falls asleep. Daniel sneaks out. After he's gone, Amber sits up and asks, "Okay, Daniel, what are you up to?" She makes a phone call to someone and tells them she thinks they have trouble!

J.T. comes home after taking Summer home to Phyllis. He walks in on Aucker putting a wire on Victoria. J.T. is annoyed and angry that Victoria didn't talk to him about going undercover. J.T. forbids her to go undercover to catch the fake Aucker. Victoria tells him this decision is hers and she wants to do it - she feels Sabrina would tell her do it as well. The FBI agent assures J.T. that Vikki will be safe, but he's not convinced. Victoria says it's the right thing to do! J.T. says he admires Victoria's courage, but he's also scared. He finally agrees to let Vikki participate in the operation, but says he's going with her!

At the Ranch, Ashley waits to see Adam's friend, the doctor. She tells him she's anxious because she doesn't feel the baby as much, but admits she's not cramping as much as she was last night, either. Ashley heads upstairs to rest and wait for the doctor and the doorbell rings. Nikki has arrived and she confronts Adam about lying to her last night. Nikki insists on seeing Ashley now! She starts to head upstairs, but finds a towel on the floor and hands it to Adam before heading upstairs. Adam is relieved Nikki didn't see the blood on the towel. The doctor arrives and Ashley and Nikki come downstairs to meet him. Nikki is skeptical of the doctor, but Ashley wants to know that her baby is okay. The doctor examines her and says she and the baby are fine. He hands her some anti-anxiety medication, which Nikki is concerned about. Nikki thinks Ashley should get a second opinion, but she refuses to let Nikki call Olivia.

After Summer has been brought home, Mary Jane knocks on the door and wants to know how Phyllis is doing. Phyllis tells Mary Jane she doesn't want to discuss it in front of her daughter. She introduces Mary Jane to Summer and sends Summer upstairs to get a doll to show Mary Jane. Phyllis tells Mary Jane Nick came home last night, but only long enough to tell her that he's leaving her! Nick arrives at the door - ringing the doorbell - and Summer runs to him. Mary Jane leaves and Phyllis sends Summer to play with her dollhouse upstairs. Nick emphasizes he thinks it's important for his daughter to see him everyday and Phyllis agrees with him. Summer's new teacher arrives to drive her to school and tells Nick and Phyllis she loves their love story in Restless Style. After Summer's teacher goes upstairs with Summer, Phyllis tells Nick the teacher thinks they are a perfect couple and so did she. Nick says he wishes this didn't hurt Phyllis so much and he still has feeling for her. Phyllis tells Nick that she thinks he's making a mistake. Phyllis asks Nick to leave and he does. Outside, Mary Jane watches Nick leave and says to herself that Phyllis blew it - she chased him away! Inside, the teacher tells Phyllis Summer has been acting out in school - throwing fits when she doesn't get her way - and suggests Summer may need therapy. Phyllis assures her that they'll work it out. Summer and her teacher leave for school.

Jack and Sharon meet in the Club's dining room. Sharon tries to tell Jack she got in very late last night, but finally admits the truth - she didn't come home at all. Jack asserts he understands her ending up with Nick - it was fate. Sharon is afraid Jack will hate her, but Jack assures her that he will always love her. He says he knows raising the baby together is no longer in the cards, but if the baby is his, he will be a father to it. Jack tells Sharon not to feel guilty. Sharon suddenly feels the baby kick for the first time and Jack has to excuse himself - he is heartbroken.

Victor meets with a doctor who needs funding for stem cell research at the Club. Victor has bought the company and has provided the funding for the research. The doctor assures Victor he will do everything he can to make sure Adam regains his sight!

At the Ranch, the doctor goes upstairs to Adam's room. He tells Adam Ashley had a miscarriage and he doesn't know how Adam convinced her otherwise. Adam threatens the doctor with the letters Skye and her friends wrote about how the doctor sexually assaulted them. He tells the doctor if he does not keep quiet, he will show the letters to the AMA! Nikki enters and the doctor leaves. Nikki wonders where the staff is and Adam admits he gave them the night off. Nikki says she'll be back in a couple of hours to check on Ashley. Once she's outside, she calls Victor and asks him to call her ASAP.

Jack arrives at the tackhouse again and Mary Jane watches as he and Phyllis embrace. Jack tells Phyllis how he felt the baby kick when he was with Sharon on top of everything else. Phyllis tells him he doesn't deserve this. They are startled when a dead black bird comes crashing through the window and lands beside them!

Adam joins Ashley downstairs. Ashley is looking at baby clothes and feels relieved after seeing the doctor. She thanks Adam for helping her get through the night. Just then, Victor arrives and asks what Adam helped her get through? Ashley tells Victor how glad she is he's home. Victor reads Nikki's text when his phone signals him. Victor talks to the baby he thinks is inside Ashley's stomach and Adam watches and listens from around the corner.

Nick returns to the Club and meets Sharon. Sharon says she's sure Phyllis wants to kill her, but Nick says it'd be better if Phyllis were angry instead of in so much pain. Sharon tells Nick the baby kicked when she saw Jack earlier. They kiss.

As J.T. leaves the house to follow Victoria and Aucker on their mission, he sees Mary Jane cutting through the property. Mary Jane tells J.T. she was just taking a walk, but he grabs hold of her and tells her this is private property and she needs to tell him who she is and what she's doing here!

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