Friday, June 5, 2009

Nick and Phyllis Are Over

The Young and the Restless update for Friday June 5, 2009:

Jack stops by the Ranch and tells Adam he's going upstairs to see Ashley. Adam tells Jack that Ashley's sleeping and he shouldn't disturb her. Upstairs, Ashley dreams of Sabrina calling her name. Ashley goes out into the hallway where she finds a veiled Sabrina. Sabrina says, "Victor's mine, stay away!" Ashley screams and Jack hurries upstairs to check on her. Adam smirks. Ashley tells Jack she had a nightmare. She says she dreamed of Sabrina before and she was peaceful, but this time Sabrina wanted to kill her! Adam listens in on his laptop while Ashley tells Jack how Sabrina was wearing a veil and the purple gala dress she found on her bed on her birthday. Jack reassures Ashley it was just a dream. Ashley finds out Olivia sent Jack to check on her and she's angry about that, but Jack says they're just concerned about her. Jack suggests Ashley come home with him for a couple of days - just until Victor gets back, but Ashley doesn't want to leave the Ranch. Adam walks into the bedroom and tells Jack the storm is too bad to be driving a pregnant woman around in!

Gloria and Jeff continue to develop their plan to get revenge on Victor in their penthouse. Gloria is worried about taking Victor on. Jeff gets a call from his PI telling him Victor just left on his jet and Mary Jane's at the Club. Gloria and Jeff leave to go to the Club.

At the Club's bar, Sharon asks Mary Jane if there's a problem. Mary Jane explodes that there wouldn't be a problem if Sharon would just back off and leave Jack alone! Mary Jane tells Sharon that she's selfish and she doesn't appreciate Jack enough. Sharon tries to leave, but Mary Jane grabs her arm. Paul and Nikki intercede, but Mary Jane wants to know how Sharon could allow Jack to raise her baby that may not even be his! Before she leaves, Mary Jane tells Sharon to do the right thing for once and let Jack go. Nikki pulls Sharon aside and asks about Jack not being the only possible father, but Sharon tells Nikki she's had enough judgment for one night and leaves. Gloria plops down by Nikki and tells her that she's worried about Ashley being at the Ranch all alone without Victor in this storm. She wonders how Ashley and Victor are doing these days, and Nikki is baffled by Gloria's sudden concern for Ashley.

At the Club's bar, Jeff chats with Mary Jane. She brushes him off, thanks him for the drink, and walks away. Nikki wonders what Jeff is doing at the bar with Mary Jane and Gloria said she could never keep a leash on him. Nikki believes she and Jeff are trying to get revenge on Ashley and Gloria denies it adamantly.

Nick ponders on how to tell Phyllis what he's decided - he says there's no easy way to tell her. She comes to the realization that he wants to be with Sharon instead of her. Nick tells her not to shut down - to throw something, yell, or cry - let it out. Phyllis tells Nick even if she had any tears left, she wouldn't waste them on him. Phyllis says she doesn't understand why Nick is leaving her if it's not for Sharon. Nick reminds Phyllis that Sharon is with Jack, and Phyllis realizes that Nick wants to make himself available so that Sharon will leave Jack for him. She tells Nick not to deny the truth. Nick finally admits he's leaving Phyllis for Sharon, whether he wants to admit that or not. He says he thought his feelings for Sharon would fade, but they haven't done so. Phyllis says she bought into the fantasy, too. Nick says he wishes he could spare her this pain and tells Phyllis how grateful he was to find her after Cassie died. Phyllis wonders if she was merely a therapist with benefits, but Nick says he loves her - her passion and drive. He says he has history with Sharon, though, and a family. Phyllis becomes irate yelling that she and Summer didn't ask for this! She calms down, though, and wonders what she's going to tell Summer when she asks why daddy isn't living with them anymore. Nick offers to sit down with Phyllis and talk with Summer, but Phyllis tells him to leave and go to Sharon. Nick says he'll get a room at the Club. Phyllis tells him he can see Summer whenever he wants, but she won't be there.

While Jack argues with Ashley about staying at the Ranch, he gets a call from Phyllis. He tells Ashley he has an emergency and leaves. Adam tells Ashley to get some sleep before he leaves her room. In the hallway, Jack grabs Adam by the collar and tells him if anything happens to Ashley while he's gone, he's going to hold Adam personally responsible! After Jack leaves, Adam tells the maid to go home. She insists she was to stay and watch over him and Ashley, but Adam tells her there's no need to stay. She goes home.

Paul goes to Mary Jane's room to see if she's okay after her outburst downstairs at the Club. Mary Jane says she's tired of women like Sharon, women who string men along without a second thought about who gets hurt in the process. Paul remarks that it sounds like Mary Jane has been hurt before, but she evades the comment by telling Paul she's really tired. Paul is about to leave, but turns around and tells Mary Jane something inside of him is telling him he should care about her. Outside her door, Jeff sees Paul leaving Mary Jane's room and believes Paul is having an affair with her!

Jack arrives at the tackhouse. Phyllis tells Jack Nick has left for good this time for Sharon. Jack is convinced that Sharon won't leave him because she's committed to raising the baby with him. Phyllis tells Jack as soon as Sharon realizes she and Nick are getting divorced, she will leave Jack for Nick and the sooner they accept this, the easier it will be for both of them. Jack tells Phyllis he proposed to Sharon earlier that night, but she had reasons as to why she was not ready. Phyllis says Sharon was waiting to see what Nick was going to do! They talk about how they've both been in denial. Suddenly, Jack kisses Phyllis! They make love and Mary Jane watches them from the window outside. She has tears in her eyes.

At the Club, Sharon sees Nick going into his room. Nick tells her it's over between himself and Phyllis. Sharon tells him she still has her room there and she needs some time to think because she's so overwhelmed right now. Nick invites her in. Mary Jane sees Sharon go into Nick's room and says, "Poor Jack!" Inside Nick's room, he tells Sharon he left Phyllis because he is still in love with her. Sharon wonders if he still loves Phyllis, and Nick says a part of him will always love Phyllis, but not the same way he loves Sharon. Sharon says she should go, but Nick says he wants her, he wants them, and he wants it all back. He says he won't deny he has feelings for Phyllis, but he can't be devoted to her alone the way she wants him to be. Sharon says she can't believe this is real - that her dream has come true! They kiss and make love.

Nikki and Paul are downstairs at the Club. She tells Paul that Victoria called and she's worried about Ashley being at the Ranch alone in this storm with Victor being away, but she can't check on Ashley because she has the kids. Nikki decides to go over to the Ranch to check on Ashley and to meet Paul at home later.

Gloria and Jeff are back at the penthouse and compare their results. Gloria is disappointed because she didn't get any information out of Nikki. Jeff tells Gloria Mary Jane is sleeping with Nikki's fiance, too! They laugh out loud together.

Ashley is awakened from her sleep by Sabrina calling her name again. Ashley grabs a flashlight and begins to look for whoever is calling her. Ashley reaches the top of the staircase and hears someone call her name behind her. She turns around to see a veiled figure. She grabs the veil off the figure and sees Adam in a long black wig. Ashley's startled and falls down the stairs! Adam runs down the stairs and begs Ashley to wake up as Nikki begins to knock on the door to check on Ashley!

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