Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noah Wants to Divorce His Parents

Ashley arrives at Restless Style looking for Abby. Abby's there doing a photo shoot today. Abby appears and her mother tells her she looks beautiful. They hug. Abby expresses concern about all of the stress Ashley has been under. Ashley assures her it's over now - Estella has been arrested. Abby says she still cannot believe Estella did all of those things and still thinks it may be Adam.

Kevin visits Jana in jail. He informs her and Michael he did a successful speaking engagement at the school today. Michael informs them he set up a meeting with a judge to try to get her to reconsider letting Jana out on bail. Michael heads out. Jana says she cannot believe she's back in jail again, but Kevin assures her they'll get her out of there.

Noah and Eden stand outside of Crimson Lights as Noah prepares to meet Abby at the photo shoot. Eden remarks that Abby would never let her be a part of something like that. Noah asks Eden to meet him at Restless Style after her shift at Crimson Lights and she agrees to after Noah promises to make Abby behave.

At the counter inside the coffeehouse, Amber gives Daniel a pen and piece of paper and tells him to write down all of the people who might want to see him crash and burn. Daniel is stumped - he can't think of a single person who would want to set him up for murder! Amber wonders if someone is trying to get Daniel out of the way so he or she can get at her. Daniel tells Amber this doesn't have anything to do with her. Kevin comes in and Daniel apologizes for Jana being in jail. Kevin says he knows Daniel didn't mean for any of this to happen. As they talk, some teen girls come into the coffeehouse and tell Kevin they saw him speak at their school today about the silver chipmunk - he's awesome!

Heather arrives at the Ranch and Victor lets her in, but tells her to make her visit with Adam short because another specialist is coming to see him. Dr. Donahue arrives and Heather goes up to tell Adam he is there after she is introduced to him.

Adam is on his phone in his room with Dr. Taylor, trying to get more botox. Adam is frantic and demands the doctor cancel his surgery to bring him more botox or he'll be telling the medical board about what he's done! Heather knocks on the door and lets herself in. She tells Adam Dr. Donahue is here and she is puzzled by his not wanting to be examined again. Adam tries to get Heather to help him cut off his ankle bracelet, but she won't do that for him. She tells him he'll just go back to jail. Heather tells Adam to give the doctor a chance and leaves. Victor comes in and Adam asks him why he hates him, why he keeps setting him up to fail. Victor tells Adam they owe it to Hope to take advantage of this opportunity. Victor tells Adam to come downstairs and leaves the room.

Adam listens around the corner as the doctor tells Victor he has advanced equipment and that it can detect if Adam has RP for sure. Adam imagines what will happen when the doctor tells Victor Adam has been faking all along. Adam turns to go back up the stairs, but Victor stops him.

Michael arrives at the coffeehouse and chats with Eden. He tells her he's so proud of her for her grades - he knows how hard it has been on her. Eden says she still misses her dad sometimes. Michael asks Eden if she is still with Noah and proceeding with caution. Eden doesn't want to have that talk with him, so he tells her Lauren is always available for her to talk to. He tells her she shouldn't be in a rush to grow up and she's welcome with him and Lauren as long as she likes. Eden and Michael head over to Daniel, Amber, and Kevin and Michael is somewhat puzzled about Kevin's new popularity. Kevin gets a call about another speaking engagement and Michael hopes this will help Jana's case. Amber tells Kevin she is proud of him and Kevin tells her it's all because she got him on the radio show. They agree that one of their enemies might be trying to set Daniel up. Michael advises Daniel not to make one false move or he will end up with his bail revoked. Amber is up to something on her computer and goes off by herself. Daniel tells Kevin he has an idea on how to find out who is setting him up - they need to get the victim's cell phone from the evidence room. Daniel wants Kevin to go get it, saying, "Do it for Jana!"

Noah comes into the Restless Style office not completely pleased with his look. Ashley and Abby love his look, however! Ashley leaves and Abby warns her to be careful around Adam as she does so. Noah and Abby finish their photo shoot and talk about which one of them is more spoiled! Abby says she heard Nick and Sharon are back together. Noah is skeptical about how long it will last. He asks Abby if she can keep a secret - he's thinking about divorcing his parents! Abby tries to point out the downside of living on his own, but Noah says he doesn't mind - he wants to be free. Eden comes in and Abby blurts out that this must be Eden's idea. Noah tells Abby it was his idea, not hers. Abby says if Noah should be emancipated from anyone, it should be Eden! Noah escorts Abby out and tells Eden to ignore her.

Ashley arrives home at the Ranch and tells Victor to feel the baby kicking, but he can't feel it! Adam and Dr. Donahue come downstairs and the doctor informs Victor this has been a waste of time because Adam has puncture wounds in his eyes. He says it seems Adam has been injecting something into his eyes! Victor demands to know what kind of monster Adam is and accuses him of being the one who has been tormenting Ashley. Adam says the people who beat him up in prison also stuck him in the eyes with hypodermic needles! Adam also denies being the one who is scaring Ashley. Victor asks the doctor if Adam could have injected himself in the eye with something in order to fool other doctors. Dr. Donahue informs him the tests show Adam has been suffering with the eye disease for quite some time and he will become permanently blind. He tells Victor Adam cannot participate in the trial because of the damage that was done to his eyes from the injections. While Adam absorbs the information, Victor says he's sorry to hear about this.

Michael runs into Heather before he is about to meet with the judge. Heather informs Michael she's re-opening the murder case against Jana! Michael tells her they should deal with one case at a time.

Amber discovers she may have a cyberstalker. She texts her former partner, Allie to see if she may have a cyberstalker as well.

Michael goes to visit Jana in jail and informs her that Judge Collins is leaning towards re-opening her old murder case. He says Heather really wants a conviction this time. Jana cries. She says she knew this would happen - she took someone's life. Michael reminds her she was sick at the time. He says she's done so many good things - she helped Kevin turn his life around and they're not going to let her slip through their fingers! Jana says she's lucky to have Michael and Kevin in her life, but Michael says they are the lucky ones.

Ashley tells Victor Adam couldn't have done all of those things to scare her. Victor feels guilty that he didn't get Adam out of jail sooner - he could see he was getting beaten up. Adam throws a book across his room in frustration. Ashley comes in and tells him how sorry she and Victor are. She assures him he'll get through this and she tells him since he's been there so many times for her and her baby, she's going to be there for him through this. Adam cries on Ashley's shoulder.

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