Thursday, June 18, 2009

Money Found At Crimson Lights

Nick and Sharon get ready for their day in their room at the Club. Nick wants to make love instead of going house hunting, but Sharon convinces him to go by reminding him that Summer is waiting for him. They talk about Noah and how he will volunteer at the Rec Center this summer. They kiss. Sharon asks Nick if he's told Phyllis they're taking Summer house hunting today and Nick admits he hasn't told her yet.

Jana, Daniel, Kevin, and Amber are in the apartment talking. Jana and Daniel are going to meet with Michael, but Daniel plans to go visit Phyllis first and fill her in on what's going on. Daniel and Jana leave while Kevin and Amber stay behind. There's a knock at the door - it's Aucker, the FBI agent - and he's got a search warrant to search the apartment for the missing money! Kevin says it's odd that it's the do-gooders that are in trouble this time instead of them, and Amber agrees.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Nina comes downstairs and inquires if the lab has called back yet. Katherine tells her they haven't. They wonder whether Jill is trying to cover something up, but Katherine points out that she was just as surprised the records were missing as they were. Katherine wonders if Nina will tell Jill that Violet wasn't in town when the babies were switched, but Nina wants to wait to tell her. The lab calls and tells Nina the man who dealt with Phillip's case before has disappeared after it was proven that he falsified documents! Jill comes into the room during the call. Nina tells Katherine and Jill what's going on and she says now she knows something is going on. Jill defends Cane, but Nina says she didn't say Cane was lying - she said someone was lying and that someone doesn't want them to know who's buried in Phillip's grave. Nina and Jill argue about whether or not to exhume Phillip's body. Jill says it nearly killed her when she had to exhume what she thought was her mother's body, this would kill her - she forbids it! Nina tells Jill it's not up to her. Katherine points out it doesn't really matter who is buried in Phillip's grave because they all love him. Nina becomes frustrated and yells, "I want to know who's in that coffin!" Jill finally agrees to the exhumation so that they can find out if Nina's son has Huntington's, but Jill insists that no other DNA tests should be done. Katherine agrees with Jill, and Nina agrees to the stipulation.

Cane leaves a worried message for Phillip at Jimmy's. Lily comes in and asks Cane if he's still worried about what Nina's doing. Cane says his mom will take care of it, but Lily points out that he tossed and turned all night in his sleep last night. Lily wonders what is really going on and Cane tells her about how it was growing up without a family and watching other kids in their families. Cane says it feels good to belong to a family now and he's afraid it will all disappear. Lily assures him that he's a Chancellor and her husband and it won't change.

Daniel visits Phyllis at Restless Style and they engage in some small talk before he tells her what's going on. Phyllis admits Nick told her about Victoria being involved in an art scheme. Daniel tells her it is the same thing. Phyllis tells Daniel to stay out of trouble and to be careful. Daniel then asks about Summer and Phyllis says she is doing okay, but she also wonders why daddy isn't tucking her into bed anymore. Daniel goes to say hello to Summer before he leaves Restless Style to meet with Michael.

Mary Jane and Jack sit down at a table at the Club for breakfast. Mary Jane becomes annoyed when Jack takes a phone call from Phyllis, leaving the table so he can talk with her privately. She sees Sharon at the bar and goes over to her and apologizes for her behavior the last time she saw her. Mary Jane congratulates Sharon on her reunion with Nick - she's a sucker for love stories. Mary Jane inquires if they plan on staying together - is she done with Jack? Sharon is shocked to hear that Mary Jane and Jack are seeing each other again. Mary Jane tells Sharon Phyllis said she wouldn't stay with Nick and might go back to Jack. Sharon tells Mary Jane not to listen to Phyllis. Jack comes over and Sharon asks to speak with him privately. Mary Jane excuses herself to make a phone call. Sharon asks Jack if they are okay. Jack admits it was hard for him to watch Sharon leave with Nick the other day, but he will always be there for her. They hug and Mary Jane watches. Sharon inquires about him and Mary Jane and tells him that she wants him free and clear. Jack says he's not ready for anything serious with, "that woman!" Mary Jane comes over and tells Jack she needs to head to Restless Style and kisses him. After Mary Jane leaves, Sharon tells Jack Mary Jane is infatuated with him. Jack says Mary Jane isn't the bunny-boiler type!

Jana and Daniel meet with Michael at Jimmy's. He asks them about what happened on that night and Daniel admits he touched the gun. He also tells Michael he didn't see the money or Victoria. Daniel mentions the man with the ski mask and Jana tells Michael that's who Aucker should be looking for. Michael tells them if Aucker isn't doing his job, they will. Michael discovers the dead man had a cell phone on him with Daniel's number in the contact list. He says the DA isn't going to arrest them right now, but they are still suspects and he wants them to live the lives of saints until the money is found.

Nick arrives at Restless Style to pick up Summer and Phyllis is calm. He tells her that they are going to look for a house today. Phyllis isn't so sure this is a good idea because it's so soon after Nick moved out. Nick points out that Summer can't come to the Club for visitation and that things are going to change and need to be stable for Summer. Phyllis tells him leaving his family and hooking back up with his ex is anything but stable! Just then, Summer appears with George, the photographer. He suggests putting Summer on the cover of Restless Style, but Phyllis is reluctant. George says Summer would be a great cover for a magazine on teens and kids and Nick agrees. Nick suggests they do some test shots. Mary Jane walks in on what appears to be a close moment between the family.

Kevin and Amber go to the coffeehouse and they are relieved not to find the cops there. Amber follows Kevin into the back room for more sweetener and they discover the briefcase full of money! Kevin speculates this is the money the feds are searching for. Amber and Kevin agree it had to be planted there because there's no way Daniel or Jana would hide it there. Aucker comes in with a search warrant for the coffeehouse. As he is searching the back room, Michael, Daniel, and Jana come in. Amber and Kevin gesture wildly, but Aucker comes out with the briefcase full of money. Daniel insists he doesn't know how it got there. Michael commands him not to talk. Daniel is placed under arrest and Michael calls Phyllis to tell her what's happening.

Phyllis hangs up and says she has to leave at Restless Style. Nick wants to know what's going on and Phyllis tells him Daniel has been arrested. She tells him it's got something to do with that art scam Victoria got caught up in. Nick insists on driving Phyllis. She finally agrees and they ask Mary Jane to watch Summer for them. Nick also calls Sharon to inform her on what's going on. Mary Jane tells Summer not to worry about daddy not living with mommy anymore because Auntie Mary Jane will take care of everything and that everyone will end up with whom they are supposed to be with - happily ever after!

Jill calls Cane and he takes the call at Jimmy's. She tells him Phillip's body is being exhumed to test for the Huntington's gene and that no other DNA testing will be done. She says no one disbelieves Cane. Cane calls Phillip again, but he still isn't home. Cane leaves a message, saying it's urgent.

Nina makes a call to the lab and asks them to do another DNA test on the body when it is exhumed!

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