Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nikki runs from court

Monday's update is late, and I am sorry about that.

Michael tells Victor and J.T. that the court will select someone to be Victoria's guardian, and after hearing both sides of the case, will make a recommendation to the judge about what should happen in Victoria's treatment. Victor is angry, saying that they do not have much time and that this guardian does not know Victoria or what she would want.

Jack gets angry when he sees the bad press in the editorial section of the newspaper. He gets even angrier when the newspaper implies that the citizens of the state should e-mail the ethics committee about concerns and complaints they have about Jack.

Gloria e-mails several letters to the ethics committee, letting them know how upset she is with Jack Abott as her senator.

Michael introduces Victor and J.T. to the hospital administrator and Victor informs her if she lets Victoria die, he will bury them.

Nikki talks with Brad and David in the hospital cafeteria about how frustrated she is about having to go to court over Victoria's treatment. She contemplates leaving town so that she cannot be served with the papers ordering her to show up in court. Brad agrees that this would give the baby a little more time in Victoria's womb, while David tells her that leaving the hospital is a bad idea.

A deputy comes to the hospital to give Nikki and Victor the court papers, but no one can find Nikki. Victor becomes furious that Nikki would run from a court summons in order to prevent a decision being made about Victoria.

Victor finds Nikki at Newman and begins yelling at her, demanding to know why she is running from the court papers. Nikki refuses to talk to Victor about it and says she has been talking with Brad about what to do.

The ethics committee informs Jack that they are calling a hearing.

Brad tells Victor that he is petitioning the court in order to become Victoria's guardian.

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