Monday, November 5, 2007

Update for Monday November 6, 2007

Cane and Katherine receive the initial report from N.I.S.T. stating that there was no evidence for substandard materials being used in the construction of the parking garage, but that they will have to wait for the final report to find out exactly what the cause of the collapse was.

Victor and Jack are at the hospital when they see a news broadcast saying they have determined what caused the Clear Springs garage to collapse. The news reporter says that the collapse was caused by oil drilling outside the city and that the owner of the drilling company was Victor Newman.

Jack becomes very angry with Victor, which Victor responds to by telling Jack he followed all the regulations in his drilling operation outside Clear Springs.

While J.T. and Nikki gather some of Victoria's personal belongings to bring to the hospital, Nikki finds the baby clothes she bought for Victoria and flashes back to when she gave Victoria the clothes. This memory saddens her.

David meets Nikki at the hospital and tells her he is sorry about what happened. Puzzled, she asks him what he is talking about, and David informs her that the cause of the Clear Springs collapse was due to the mining Victor's company was doing. Nikki is furious and confronts Victor about all the damage he has caused. She tells him that he caused injury to his own daughter and grandson.

When Nick finds out about the cause of the Clear Springs collapse, he is also furious and confronts his father.

Neil tries to comfort Victor at Newman by telling him that he went over everything to make sure regulations were being met, and that Victor had no way of knowing something like this would happen. He tells Victor that the accident was not his fault.

J.T. sits with Victoria and talks with her, as does Nick.

Cane informs J.T. about the cause of the Clear Springs garage.

Sharon and Jack are concerned about Noah's behavior. He refuses to eat or do anything except play his video game. He doesn't even talk to his mom or Jack if he doesn't have to. Sharon calls Noah's therapist, and Jack agrees that she made a good move by doing that. Jack tries to get Noah to take a walk with him, but Noah says "no thanks" and continues to play his video game.

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