Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update for Monday November 19, 2007

At the hospital Nikki and Victor continue to argue about whether or not Victoria should have the c-section. Dr. Webb informs them that they need to make a decision as soon as possible as every second counts. Victor thinks Victoria should have the surgery while Nikki is adamant that Victoria would rather sacrifice her life to save her baby.

Adrian and Colleen head to the hospital to visit Victoria. When they arrive, J.T. tells Colleen that Victoria's blood pressure is still high and that she needs a c-section to save her life. He tells her that it is up to Nikki and Victor whether Victoria will live or die.

Colleen calls Brad at Newman and tells him of Victoria's condition. He heads straight for the hospital after receiving the news.

Nick talks with J.T. about his feelings regarding the decision that must be made about Victoria. He says it is so difficult not knowing what Victoria would want.

Brad confronts Nikki at the hospital and he tells her that he agrees that Victoria would want to save her baby, even if it meant that she died.

Phyllis and Jana talk about Phyllis' appeal and what they think might happen. They also discuss Victoria's condition. A guard enters and tells Phyllis that she will be receiving a visit from the warden as there was contraband found in her cell. When the warden enters, he tells Phyllis that there were two arts and crafts projects found in her cell when the rules specify that she can only have one project in her cell. Jana tries to cover for her by telling the warden one of the projects is hers. The warden knows that Jana is not in the arts and crafts class, however. Jana then tells him that an inmate gave her the photo frame, but he knows she is lying and revokes her visiting privileges.

Nikki and Victor ask Nick for his opinion on his sister. Nick declines to make a decision regarding his sister's life and her baby.

Dr. Webb says that he will have to bring in a mediator to help the Newmans reach a decision regarding their daughter as the surgery is a time sensitive matter.

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