Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Phyllis is free!

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday November 20, 2007:

Nikki and Victor meet with the mediator and continue to argue about whether or not Victoria should have the c-section. Victor is adamant about saving his daughter's life, while Nikki insists that Victoria would want them to save the baby, even if it meant sacrificing her own life.

Neil asks Karen to stop by his office before she leaves for home and she says she will.

Amber wants Kevin to ask Cane what his plans are for Thanksgiving. Kevin does so, and asks whether Cane would be interested in helping with the free Thanksgiving dinner at the coffeehouse. Cane says he's working all day at Jabot since his family will be out of town.

When Amber hears about Cane's plans to work, she orders a Thanksgiving dinner from the GCAC and plans to take a plate of it over to Jabot for Cane.

The warden comes into Phyllis and Jana's cell and tells Phyllis to gather her things. Phyllis is nervous that she is in trouble, but the warden informs her that she has won her appeal and is being let go. Phyllis is overjoyed!

Phyllis calls Daniel to tell him that she's being let go and will be home for Thanksgiving. Daniel, too, is overjoyed.

Michael and Lauren call Nick to tell him the good news. Nick is happy about Phyllis' release, but down about Victoria's condition. He tells Michael and Lauren about her condition and asks them if they will pick Phyllis up for him so he can stay at the hospital with his family. Michael and Lauren happily agree to do so.

Lily is in the break room at Newman with Cane while Karen gets coffee in the background. She asks him what he's doing for Thanksgiving and he says his family will be out of town. She invites him to join her family and he agrees to come over.

Brad and J.T. argue about what is best for Victoria in the hospital hallway. Nick comes over and breaks up the argument. J.T. and Brad storm off.

After Cane leaves the break room, Karen tells Lily that she overheard her telling Devon that she doesn't want Karen at their dinner. Lily tries to apologize, but ends up making things worse.

Cane goes back to the coffeehouse and asks Amber for advice on what to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner because he is going to the Winters'.

Amber gets very depressed that her plan to surprise Cane with Thanksgiving dinner is ruined.

An ecstatic Phyllis hugs Jana good-bye. She promises she'll visit her. As Phyllis walks out the door, Jana realizes that Phyllis forgot her dollhouse and photo frame she made for Summer, but it's too late to catch Phyllis.

Lily talks to Devon about her feelings regarding Karen and their mother's loss. Devon tells Lily that Karen isn't so bad and that she makes their father happy, which is the most important thing, so they should learn to accept Karen.

Lily finds Karen again and apologizes. She tells Karen that she sincerely wants her to come to dinner and that she really wants to get to know her. Neil enters the break room and the two women tell him of the new plans - that Karen and Cane will be joining them for Thanksgiving.

After Lily leaves, Neil asks Karen how Cane got invited and she tells him Lily invited him. Neil is not pleased about this.

Phyllis hugs and kisses Nick in the hospital and says she wants to visit Victoria. She enters the room and talks to Victoria for a little while.

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