Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update for Tuesday November 6, 2007

Colleen arrives at Victoria's room to visit her and finds J.T. already there. They talk about how beautiful she looks, like a sleeping beauty. Brad enters the room shortly after and tensions rise between himself and J.T.

J.T. asks to speak with Brad in the hallway and he tells him that it is rough having Brad in the room with him and he asks Brad to leave in order to give him time alone with Victoria. Brad agrees to leave, but he says he'll stop by again soon.

When Lily hears that Cane had nothing to do with the Clear Springs collapse, she is relieved, but she is also upset about Victor's involvement in what happened.

Victor instructs Karen and Neil to gather the press so that he can give a statement. He insists that no press will be allowed to ask him any questions as he does not want to answer them at this time.

Jack confronts Maggie and Heather in the coffeehouse where he tells them he thinks Victor should be their person of interest in the Ji Min case. He asserts that Victor was angry with Ji Min because he was going to back out of the interview that would have ruined Jack. Maggie and Heather remain skeptical, however.

Lily and Cane see one another in the coffeehouse. They talk about Cane's experience in the collapsed parking garage. Before Lily leaves, she gives Cane a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Later, when Lily meets Colleen at the hospital, she tells her of the encounter she and Cane had. Lily wonders if she should invite Cane to the concert at Indigo later that night and Colleen reassures her that inviting him to the concert would be a good idea.

At the coffeehouse, Heather asks Cane to join her at the Enrique Iglessias concert at Indigo later that night. Cane agrees to accompany her.

Lily runs into Heather and Cane at the coffeehouse, and after Heather leaves, Lily invites Cane to the concert. He said he'd love to go with her, but he already agreed to go with Heather. Lily is disappointed, but she tries to hide that from Cane.

Victor delivers his statement to the press. He reassures the press that he will investigate what happened at Clear Springs very thoroughly and that he is praying for everyone who was injured in the accident.

Jack sees Victor's press statement and storms into Victor's office afterwards to confront him about his refusal to take responsibility for what happened in Clear Springs. Victor demands Jack leave his office, but before he does, Jack pets Zapato and gets a sample of his hair for Maggie to test against the hair found on Ji Min's body.

Jack goes back to the coffeehouse and gives Maggie the sample of Zapato's fur. Maggie says she cannot test it as the police cannot accept evidence collected by civilians. After Jack leaves, Maggie throws Zapato's fur into the trash.

Neil invites Karen to the concert at Indigo and she gladly accepts his invitation.

Noah tells Sharon he had a nightmare about Clear Springs.

J.T. and Colleen agree to put their past behind them and agree to be friends.

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