Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adam Continues to Flirt with Phyllis

Sharon and Jack are preparing for their trip to L.A. Gloria and Jeff see their bags and believe they are moving out. Jack tells them they are only going on a vacation and they haven't given up. Gloria is disappointed.

J.T. and Victoria get ready to head to Newman for the day when Victoria tells J.T. that she called the nurse and told her they are going to take Reed to work with them. J.T. isn't thrilled that Victoria went against his wishes to leave Reed at home until he is older, but later, when they are at Newman, J.T. admits he likes having Reed there with them.

Victor calls Nick to warn him about starting a magazine. Nick tells him he cannot control his life anymore and hangs up on him.

Adam flirts with Phyllis when he sees her in the gym. Phyllis flirts back.

Phyllis drops some papers off for Jack at the Abot mansion for his meeting. When he leaves the room to take a call, Phyllis asks Sharon if she has talked to Jack about leaving the foundation yet. Sharon says she hasn't because she doesn't want to disappoint Jack. Jack overhears her say this and inquires what is going on.

Daniel asks Amber to go to a concert with him, but Amber says she can't. Daniel is confused by Amer's behavior and confronts her about it. He ends up telling Amber to call him when she can handle being his friend and hanging out with him again.

Jana tries to get Kevin to help her set up Daniel and Amber, but Kevin tells her not to meddle in other people's business.

Gloria calls Kevin and tells him she doesn't feel safe alone in the Abot mansion. She goes to visit Kevin at the coffeehouse and tries to convince Kevin to move into the mansion while Jack and Sharon are out of town. Kevin turns her down, telling her he has his own life.

Victor tells Adam he can work on the Beauty of Nature project with Victoria. After Adam leaves the room, Victor comments that Adam is hard-working and intelligent and that he likes that.

Victor confronts Nick at the gym. He tells him he didn't appreciate being hung up on. He wants Nick to meet Adam, but Nick wants nothing to do with him.

In the GCAC Nick and Adam meet and Nick is not happy about it. He tells Adam that Victor fired him, and Adam is shocked at the news. He asks Victor if he fired Nick before or after he knew he was coming to work for him. Adam begins to realize the Newman family relationships are complicated.

Victoria tells J.T. she wants to give Adam a chance. J.T. suggests they invite him to dinner to get to know him better and Victoria says this is a good idea.

Jack meets Eric Forester in L.A.

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