Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reed Gets Sick

Adam talks to Victor about the Beauty of Nature line. He wants to hire a new spokesperson for the line. As the two of them talk, Adam and Victor begin to build a small bond.

Gloria accuses Jeff of trying to hurt her by loosening the banister at the Abbott mansion. Jeff acts innocent, but Gloria knows he tampered with the banister. Jeff wants Gloria to consummate the marriage, but Gloria is disgusted at the idea.

After Gloria leaves the room, Jeff makes a call, telling someone he and Gloria will move into their new house within the week.

While Jack meets with Eric at Forester, Ashley and Sharon talk. Ashely inquires about how Sharon feels about Jack and Phyllis working together. Sharon says she isn't worried.

Jack is surprised when he finds out that Forester will not be advertising in the new magazine, and he suspects Victor has something to do with it.

Gloria talks with Kevin at the coffeehouse. Kevin tells his mother that Jeff's Korean girlfriend is on her way to Genua City, and that she believes Jeff wants to marry her. Jeff finds Gloria and Kevin talking at the coffeehouse and insists Gloria come home so they can consummate their marriage.

Adam discusses his ideas about the Beauty of Nature line with Victoria. Victoria does not like the idea of hiring a new spokesperson, but Victor tells her to give Adam a chance.

Ashely promises Jack that she will talk to Eric about why Forester is not advertising in the magazine.

Phyllis and Nick talk about all the money they are spending on the magazine. Both are anticipating good news from Jack regarding Forester.

Gloria plays along with Jeff because she believes his Korean girlfriend is on the way. Jeff tries to lead Gloria to the bedroom, but Gloria tells him she messed with the stairs as well. While Jeff goes to look at what Gloria has done, she leaves with Kevin

Jack calls Nick to tell him Forester turned them down. Nick refuses to give up on the venture, however.

Victoria is called away from work, as Reed comes down with a fever.

Adam is left to run the meeting with the ad executives, which don't take well to him. He tells them Victoria is behind all of his decisions.

The pediatrician comes to visit Reed at home and tells Victoria and J.T. that Reed has a staph infection and that he needs to be in a hospital.

Adam bumps into Phyllis at the GCAC after his meeting. She invites him to join her and Nick for dinner.

Victor goes to the ranch to visit Victoria and Reed, but finds an empty house. As he is headed out, Sabrina appears at Victoria's door.

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