Thursday, February 21, 2008

Restless Style is Created!

Victor returns from his trip and goes into Newman. Neil asks him about his trip and then tells him about how he wants Beauty of Nature to sponsor Nick's new print and on-line magazine. Victor refuses to allow Beauty of Nature advertise in Nick's magazine. Neil tries to tell Victor how great the magazine looks, but Victor refuses to listen, telling Neil he is confident that Nick's magazine venture will not succeed.

Phyllis informs everyone that she has come up with the perfect name for their new magazine - "Restless". Everyone really likes the name, but Nick finds out that the name has already been taken. The group starts tossing out names to put with restless, and come up with "Restless Style," which is a name that has not been taken yet.

Neil calls Nick to inform him that Victor refuses to allow Beauty of Nature to advertise in their magazine. Nick is visibly upset by the news.

Jeff, Gloria, Lauren, Michael, and Kevin eat dinner in the Abot mansion. Jeff tells everyone that Jack offered him a lot of money to move out and that he accepted his offer. Gloria is furious about it, but Michael agrees that moving out might be the best thing to do.

Michael mentions he was in Korea for business and asks Jeff if he's ever been to the city he went to. Jeff tells everyone that he had a girlfriend there for many years and she continually calls him. He tells everyone that this woman cannot accept the fact that he is falling in love with someone else.

Heather and Maggie discuss the Ji Min murder in the coffeehouse. They are joined by Paul. Heather decides to call her boss and tell him there are no other leads on the case and she believes it is time to drop the investigation. Heather's boss hangs up on her and Heather feels horribly about her abilities as the Assistant D.A.

Daniel asks Heather out to dinner and Heather accepts. At the end of dinner, Heather invites Daniel back to her place.

Victoria visits Nikki at Jabot. She talks to her mother about how she's feeling and tells her that she plans to go back to work next week. Victoria also tells Nikki that Victor invited Victor Jr. back to Genua City to work at Newman.

Kevin puts a large dose of poison into Gloria's wine and she begins her performance. Jeff merely remains in the dining room as Gloria falls to the floor in the living room, as he knows she is acting.

Nick goes to Newman to confront his father about refusing to allow Beauty of Nature to advertise in his new magazine. He tells Victor he is making a big mistake.

At the club, Jack receives a call from his lawyer, telling him that he has been dropped as a person of interest in the Ji Min murder investigation. Jack and Sharon are both thrilled to hear this news.

J.T. stops into Victor's office at Newman and tells him he wants to begin looking for a house for himself, Victoria, and the baby. Victor offers to advance J.T. the money in order to buy Nick and Sharon's old house on the Newman ranch. J.T. tells Victor he appreciates his offer.

Victor is on the phone when Vic (Victor Jr.) walks into his office.

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