Monday, February 25, 2008

Victoria Gets a New Home

Victoria gets ready for work while J.T. tells her what he plans to do with Reed. After Victoria leaves, J.T. calls Nikki and they discuss their plan to move everything from the loft into Nick and Sharon's old house while Victoria is at Newman.

Niel meets Adam in the Newman break room. When Victor arrives at Newman, Niel learns from him that Adam is his son. Victor tells Niel not to mention the father/son connection to Adam.

Gloria and Jeff are eating at the club as Jeff tells Gloria she should continue to try to outwit him. He receives a call from overseas and walks away from the table to take it. While he is gone, Gloria calls Kevin and tells him that Jeff knew about the poison all along.

When Jeff comes back, he tells Gloria she should find a different "partner in crime" because the execution of her plan was lousy.

Nick and Phyllis are in the warehouse discussing what to do with their space as Jack and Sharon arrive. Jack tells everyone he is going out to L.A. to talk with Forester about advertising in the magazine and he says Sharon should go with him. Nick and Jack go off to talk and Sharon shares with Phyllis that she is bored with the Abot Foundation. She tells Phyllis she wishes she could work full-time on the magazine with her, Jack, and Nick. Phyllis encourages her to tell Jack about her feelings, and Sharon agrees it would be best.

J.T. tells Nikki how much he appreciates her help through the difficult time Victoria had in the coma. Nikki leaves her dressing table in the house for Victoria because she knows how much Victoria loves it.

Victoria finds Adam sitting in Victor's chair when she arrives at Newman. They talk about her childhood and Adam asks her if she and Nick ever wondered about who he was. She tells him they never did because it was a difficult time in their lives.

Jeff tells Gloria he will help her get Jack and Sharon out of the Abot mansion, but she has to agree to work with him as a team. She agrees to do so.

Victoria calls Nick and tries to get him to come to Newman to meet Adam. Nick isn't interested in meeting him. Victoria tells Nick she thinks Victor is trying to give Adam his old job. This dampens Nick's spirits.

At the club, Adam is frustrated because his belongings have not arrived from New York. As he turns to walk out, he almost runs into Nikki. Nikki tells David she thinks there is something familiar about Adam, but she can't put her finger on it.

Victoria arrives at her new home and is completely surprised by what J.T. has done while she was away. She is thrilled to have such a spacious house for her family.

Phyllis also tries to convince Nick to go meet Adam, but Nick tells her he is not interested.

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