Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Karen Sings at Indigo!

Phyllis wonders aloud whether Nick should have borrowed from his trust to fun the magazine. Daniel comes into the warehouse and tells Nick and Phyllis how much he likes it. He also thanks Phyllis for the job she's given him.

Amber joins Nick, Phyllis, and Daniel at the warehouse. She inquires about working at the magazine. Phyllis is hesitant to give her a job, but Amber says she'll do anything to work there. Nick and Phyllis finally agree to give her a receptionist job.

Niel encourages Adam to get to know people in Genua City. He tells him he should come to Indigo to meet people.

Adam and Victoria are talking about the Beauty of Nature projections when J.T. comes in and tells Victoria they are going to Indigo tonight. Victoria is apprehensive about leaving Reed.

Jill and Chloe go over Lilly's preliminary shots with her. Chloe is very harsh. Nikki, Jill, and Cane all think Lily has real potential and that she has some great shots in the bunch. They try to get Chloe to be less harsh on Lilly.

Chloe continues to be harsh on Lily, and Lilly gets discouraged, telling Cane she can't seem to do anything right.

Niel calls Lily to tell her Karen will be singing at Indigo tonight and Lilly really wants to go, but she's afraid Chloe won't allow it. Cane points out that Chloe isn't Lilly's boss and he thinks going to Indigo is a great idea.

Jack pitches his magazine idea to Eric Forester. Eric points out that Victor has been a long-time enemy of Jack's, but Jack assures him Victor is not connected to the magazine. After the meeting, Eric calls Victor, and Victor tells him he thinks the magazine is a terrible idea.

Victor and Nikki run into each other at the GCAC and decide to eat dinner together. Nikki asks about Adam and then tries to talk to Victor about Nick. Victor comments that they should have eaten separately and leaves.

J.T. calls Nick and invites him and Phyllis to go to Indigo with him and Victoria. Nick is reluctant to go, but Phyllis tells J.T. they will be there.

At Indigo, Chloe asks Cane if he thinks it's inappropriate to be dating a model. When he tries to get her to be less harsh on Lily, she refuses.

At Indigo Nick gets a message that the alarms are going off in the warehouse. As he is headed out to check on things, Adam walks into the club. He flirts with Phyllis. When Phyllis returns to the table, Victoria tells her that Adam is her half-brother. Phyllis is surprised to hear this news.

Jack sees Ashley after his meeting with Eric and he tells her he thinks Eric is on board with the magazine. Ashley decides they should celebrate with dinner.

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