Friday, February 22, 2008

Gloria's Plan Goes Awry

Sharon and Jack return to the Abot mansion and are surprised when they find it empty.

Michael, Lauren, and Kevin discuss what may be wrong with Gloria at the coffeehouse. Kevin suggests Jeff may have poisoned her and Michael realizes Kevin helped Gloria plan the entire stunt.

J.T. and Victoria decide to move into Nick and Sharon's old house on the ranch. Nikki bumps into them at the coffeehouse and Victoria tells her the news. Nikki is a little worried that living so close to Victor may lead to less independence for the couple.

Phyllis compliments Nick's new enthusiasm. She says she won't force him to reconcile with his father because she can see how happy he is.

Victor Jr. tells Victor that his move to Genua City is strictly a business move and that he is not looking to bond with his father. Victor says he respects his decision. Victor Jr. says he wants to go by his middle name Adam at Newman.

Victor asks Adam where he is staying and he says he is staying at the Genua City Hotel. Victor offers him a place at the ranch, but Adam turns him down. Victor tells him the GCAC is a nicer place to stay and Adam thanks him for the information.

Jeff brings Gloria back to the Abot mansion and informs everyone that the doctor says nothing is wrong with Gloria except for stress and exhaustion. Kevin is visibly shocked at the news.

After Michael, Kevin, and Lauren leave the mansion, Jeff tries to escort Gloria up to bed, but Gloria pushes him away. Sharon thinks the way Gloria and Jeff act toward one another is very odd. After both Jeff and Gloria go upstairs, Sharon goes to look at the spy camera, but realizes it isn't in its usual hiding place.

Nick runs into Victoria at the coffeehouse when he goes to get dessert for himself and Phyllis. Victoria tells him that she is moving into his old house. She also informs him that she will be going back to work tomorrow. Nick is shocked at this news.

Later, Victoria and her baby, Reed, go to visit Victor at Newman. Victor is overjoyed to see Reed. Victoria tells him that she will be returning to work tomorrow. Victor tells her that he has hired Adam to take over Nick's position at Newman and Victoria is surprised to hear this.

When Phyllis picks up dinner for herself and Nick at the GCAC, Adam hits on her, not knowing that she is part of his family.

Victor makes arrangements for all of Adam's bills to be sent to him from the GCAC, even though Adam insisted on taking care of himself.

Gloria sneaks out of the Abot mansion and meets Kevin at the coffeehouse. Together, they try to figure out what went wrong with their plan. Gloria tells him that she did not feel any pain or sickness from the poisoning.

After Gloria leaves, Kevin inspects the substance in the poison bottle and realizes it has been replaced with water.

Jeff catches Gloria sneaking back into the Abot mansion and he informs her that he switched the poison with water, and that is why nothing showed up in her blood at the hospital.

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