Monday, March 10, 2008

Adam Survives Dinner with the Newmans

Nikki stops by the magazine to check on the progress. Nick invites his mom to join them for dinner, and Nikki is excited about it. However, she is displeased to learn that Adam will also be joining them.

Victoria calls to invite Sabrina to dinner, but gets her voicemail. Adam tells Victor he is headed out for the day. Victoria stops in to say bye to her father before leaving the office as well. Victor invites her to dinner, but Victoria informs him she already has other plans.

Daniel and Amber discuss what to do with the money in the coffee shop. When Kevin appears, Amber tells him that they were talking about how good the sex is between them. Then, Amber tells Kevin she and Daniel are now dating, and Kevin says Jana will be excited to hear the news. After he leaves, Daniel encourages Amber to turn the money over to the feds and to tell Kevin the truth.

Adam arrives at the GCAC and waits for the rest of his new family to join him for dinner. Nikki and David arrive first and talk with Adam while they wait for everyone else to get to the club.

Jana and Kevin watch Daniel and Amber. Kevin doubts that they are dating, but Jana is very enthusiastic and believes they are dating. Later, when Heather meets Daniel, Amber is very scared he will tell her everything about the money.

Sabrina and Victor run into each other at the gym. Victor invites her to dinner at the club, and she accepts.

Heather says that she had a great night with Daniel, but she feels his heart may be somewhere else. She tells him that even if the money were to reappear it probably wouldn't matter because the feds already closed the case on it. She tells Daniel that she is thinking about leaving Genua City.

Nick and Adam discuss big cities versus small towns at dinner. There is little talk from most of the other dinner guests.

Once Victor sees his entire family eating at the club, he says he has lost his appetite, but invites Sabrina to join them. Sabrina says she'd rather not, and he offers her a ride home, which she gladly accepts. They eat fast food back at the ranch where Victor tries to convince Sabrina to stay in Genua City longer.

After Heather leaves, Amber rushes back over to Daniel to find out what he told her. Daniel tells her what Heather said about the money. Amber begins crying and Daniel tells her to kiss him because they "have an audience" and need to look like they really are dating.

Nick gets a phone call from the electrician as dinner is ending. Adam and Phyllis talk while Nick takes the call. Phyllis compliments Adam for surviving dinner. He tells her that he doesn't care if the Newmans like him or not. Later, when Phyllis asks Nick how he thinks dinner went, Nick says Adam does not want to be a part of the family.

Victoria stops by the ranch after dinner. Sabrina tells her that she and Victor saw them having dinner at the club. Victoria thinks that seeing his family having dinner probably hurt Victor's feelings.

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