Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daniel Comes Face to Face with his Father

At Restless Style magazine Nick and Phyllis are going over the last minute details for their launch party. Kay stops by and gives Amber a check to start her own clothing line. Amber is thrilled and thankful. She tells Katherine she will make her proud.

Victor receives the invitation to the Restless Style party, but tells Victoria he will not go.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin asks Michael what happened between him and Lauren the night before, remarking that they never fight.

At the Abot mansion, Jeff is frustrated that Lauren stayed with them. He becomes even more frustrated when Lauren tells them it might be best for her to stay a couple of extra days so that she and Michael can cool off. She goes home to pack some things and to get Phen. On her way out, she overhears a phone call to Jack from Jeff, telling Jack that he needs to take care of something before Gloria gets back. Jeff tries to tell Lauren that he is just trying to protect Gloria as he knows she doesn't like being around Jack, but Lauren doesn't buy it.

Sharon tries to contact Alistair, the actor she and Jack want to hire for the haunting.

Gloria confronts Michael at the coffeehouse, but he tells her that he and Lauren actually had a fight, and that she isn't staying with Gloria to spy on her.

Nick invites Victoria to be on the press line for the party, wearing a designer dress, and Victoria is thrilled to accept the offer. She and Sabrina go down to the warehouse to try on dresses.

Danny contacts Phyllis to tell her that he will be happy to perform at the party. Phyllis tries to contact Daniel to warn him that his father is coming to town.

Michael and Lauren talk at their home. Lauren tells him what she overheard before she left the mansion.

Sharon calls Alistair again, and he agrees to come meet with her and Jack and discuss the part they want him to play.

Adam tells Victor he thinks he should be at the party for Restless Style because he is an advertiser. Victor says he won't be attending. Later, Adam has dinner with Victor at the GCAC.

Daniel and Amber run into Nick and Danny at the coffeehouse and Daniel is not happy to see his father. Nick tells him that Phyllis has been trying to contact him. Daniel leaves angry.

Jack tells Victor that Forester may be advertising in their magazine, even after Victor's negative remarks. Victor tells Jack everyone is entitled to make mistakes, and continues to believe that the magazine will fail.

Jeff harasses Gloria to sleep with him while Lauren is out. Gloria finds John's jacket and panics while Jeff goes to get a bottle of wine.

Sharon and Jack are shocked when they meet Alistair.

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