Monday, March 3, 2008

Lily's Photo Shoot

David finds Nikki at the GCAC and asks if he can sit with her. He asks her if she thinks she will ever be able to forgive him, but she tells him she doesn't know yet and leaves for the office.

Brad watches the photo shoot Lily is doing. He is impressed with her, but Chloe tells him Lily still has a ways to go. David enters and tells Brad he is not happy with him because he feels Brad went behind his back to get a business decision approved by Nikki. Brad invites David to the GCAC to get some coffee and to clear the air.

David receives a phone call from his debtor, telling him he has 24 hours to get the money he owes to him or something bad will happen to David.

Sabrina and Victoria are talking at the ranch when Victor walks in. He invites Sabrina to view his art collection and she is really excited about it.

Nikki stops by to see Victoria before she goes to the office. She tells Victoria that David has been lying to her.

Adam talks to Victor about advertising the Beauty of Nature line in Restless Style. When Victor says he does not want this, Adam asks if his decision is personal rather than business. Victoria arrives at Newman and agrees with Adam. Victor finally gives the the okay to advertise in the magazine, but he is not happy about it.

Nikki comes to the photo shoot and asks if anyone has seen Brad. She is surprised to hear David and Brad went to get coffee together.

Chloe offers to treat Lily and Colleen to lunch at the coffeehouse. At lunch, Chloe talks about how certain foods are fattening. She doesn't eat very much and tells Lily the dressing she put on her salad is very fattening.

Nikki goes to the GCAC to talk to David. She tells him that she made a decision, that she wants to be there to support David through his gambling addiction. She makes him promise never to lie to her again, and he agrees.

Sabrina runs into Adam and Victoria as they are exiting a business meeting. Adam accidentally insults both women. Sabrina and Victoria look at the new office Victor had redone for her and they are both pleasantly surprised. Victor enters to escort Sabrina to his art collection.

After lunch back at the photo shoot, Chloe is testy, barking orders and coming down hard on Lily. Cane tells Lily and Chloe that Jabot has decided to send her to the Restless Style magazine party as their representative for Faces of Jabot.

Victor and Sabrina have lunch at the GCAC and discuss art and life.

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