Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lily Faints

The reporters at the Restless Style party start to wonder whether Victor was backing the magazine all along. Nick goes to confront his father, and Sabrina tells Victor she will leave with him if he wants to leave the party. Victor wants to stay, however. Phyllis and Sharon intervene as the reporters begin to ask Victor questions about his involvement in the magazine.

Katherine tells Amber about her dream, and Amber suggests that the dream may be symbolic. Amber asks Kay how she felt in the dream, and Kay tells Amber she felt sad. Amber tells Katherine that she might be feeling sad about the loss of her company when she retired.

Jill tells Cane she is worried about the effect Katherine's book may have on her image. Cane offers to talk to his grandmother for Jill, but she tells him he doesn't need to.

Devon and his girlfriend arrive at the party and show their support for Lily. Lily tells Devon she is exhausted.

Michael and Lauren also join the party. Jack and Sharon approach her about writing a fashion blog for the magazine, and Lauren tells them she will consider the position.

Gloria wakes up on the floor in the Abot mansion and calls out for Jeff, but he is not there. Gloria calls Michael and tells him she needs to see him.

Brad introduces himself to Sabrina.

Jeff arrives at the party to tell Jack that Alistair showed up at the mansion, and that Gloria saw him and fainted. Jack is frustrated by this and instructs Jeff to stay with him until he or Sharon can leave the party.

Gloria arrives at the party and finds Michael, who tells her he saw Jeff and Jack talking, and that he suspects they are up to something. As Sharon leaves the party, Michael instructs Gloria to follow her to see if she can find anything out.

Nikki confronts Victor about his showing up at Nick's party.

Later, Ashley sees Victor and they talk for a few minutes. They share some affection while Sabrina watches.

When Jill arrives back at the Chancellor mansion, she forces Katherine to tell her what she has been hiding from her. Kay finally tells Jill that she had a minor stroke, but that she is okay now.

Chloe pushes Lily to meet different photographers and people in the fashion industry. Lily finally says she needs a minute and escapes to a private place. She faints, but Devon catches her before she hits the ground. Devon becomes very concerned about Lily, but Lily presents a cover story and says she is fine.

J.T. gets a call from Newman, informing him that there has been a security breach. He goes to check it out, as does Adam.

Amber goes back to the party and rejoins Daniel. She tells him that she went to visit Katherine. Danny inquires about their relationship status, but they maintain that they are just friends.

Katherine tells Jill she is going to resume her job at Chancellor Industries, and Jill is afraid this will affect her negatively.

Gloria follows Sharon to a room at the GCAC. Sharon and Jeff discuss Alistair before he leaves. Gloria watches Jeff leave the room as well.

Once they reach the Newman ranch, Victoria goes upstairs to check on Reed. Victor says goodnight to Sabrina, and even though they both want to kiss, neither of them makes the move.

Adam discusses the security breach with J.T. J.T. thinks the security breach was done from the "inside."

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