Monday, March 24, 2008

Gloria Decides to Have a Seance

Jack and Sharon are helping Phyllis and Nick prepare for the Restless Style launch party when Jack gets a call from Jeff. Jeff tells him that Gloria was scared to death by John's ghost.

Patrick shows everyone Nick's interview in the style section of the paper and everyone is excited about it.

Gloria tells Kevin she believes she saw John's ghost in the Abot mansion.

Alistair is able to pick the lock to the mini-bar and stumbles into the coffeehouse. Sharon and Jack see him and take him back to the GCAC before Gloria or Kevin get to see him.

Amer and Nick both encourage Daniel to talk with Danny and to forgive him. Nick points out that while Danny is not Daniel's biological father, he was there for Daniel when he was growing up. Daniel finally decides to talk with Danny and finds out that he came to Genua City in hopes of reconciling with his son.

Jana overhears Gloria and Kevin's conversation and tells them they need to have a seance to see if John's ghost is really in the mansion.

Lily tells Cane how nervous she is about the party. Cane assures her that she will do a great job. She tells Cane how hard Chloe has been on her, and he offers to tell Chloe to back off, but Lily says she can fight her own battles.

Later, Chloe and Lily have a fight, but then hug, which confuses Cane.

Victor reads the article about Nick in the paper. Adam asks him if he is going to the party, but Victor says he still refuses to go. Later, Adam runs into Sabrina and Victoria at Newman and point out that Nick used his money to start the magazine, but that he wouldn't have been able to do it if his last name weren't Newman. Victoria tells him that he wouldn't be working at Newman if his last name weren't Newman, too.

Victoria pleads with Victor to go to the party, but he still refuses.

Victoria receives a call from J.T. and tells Sabrina she has no baby-sitter for Reed. Sabrina offers to watch him so Victoria can go to the party.

Daniel kisses Amber and thanks her for pushing him into doing the right thing regarding his father.

Gloria sees John's boots in the mansion and tells Jeff she thinks he is playing another game with her, but Jeff insists he didn't put them there. Gloria tells him that she is going to have a seance with Jana and Kevin later that evening.

Jack and Sharon demand Alistair stay in the room at the GCAC and not drink from the mini-bar. After they have left, Alistair orders some liquor to be delivered, gets drunk, and wonders around looking for Gloria.

Cane is stunned when Chloe presents Lily in her couture gown.

Victor finds Sabrina baby-sitting Reed and decides to spend some time with them.

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