Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sabrina Decides to Stay

Adam talks with Victoria about the Beauty of Nature ads he put together. Victoria suggests some changes and Adam tells Victoria he will defer to her. Sabrina enters and they all talk about Victor's art collection. Sabrina comments that Adam doesn't seem to understand much about art.

Niel asks Victor why ad money is being allocated to Restless Style, and Victor tells him he is allowing Adam to advertise Beauty of Nature in the magazine in hopes that he will fail. Victor says he wants to teach Adam a business lesson.

Jack and Sharon return from their trip to L.A. They are about to tell Nick and Phyllis the bad news about Forester when the lights go off in the warehouse. Jack manages to fix them, but they all agree the entire warehouse needs to be rewired. Jack tells them that Forester will not be advertising in the magazine. He tells Nick and Phyllis that Victor seems to be the reason Forester decided not to advertise with them, and Nick storms out of the warehouse to confront his father.

At Jabot, Nikki tells David she wants to pay his debt off so he will be less tempted to gamble. David is very hesitant about allowing Nikki to pay his large debt, but finally agrees to it. Nikki also tells him she wants him to seek help for his problem, and she isn't sure she can marry David yet because of all the lies he has told her. David is very disappointed and shocked at this.

Brad notices the tension between Nikki and David. He overhears David tell Nikki he is meeting Walter at the GCAC. Brad sneaks into Nikki's office and listens as she makes the call to her bank to transfer $225,000 into David's account.

Victoria leaves Newman to check on Reed. Sabrina accompanies her. When Victoria reaches the ranch, she gets a call alerting her that Reed's staph infection test came back positive. The doctor tells her the infection can be treated at home with oral antibiotics. Victoria begins to panic and blame herself for Reed becoming sick.

Nick confronts Victor about meddling with his magazine. Both men become angry during the confrontation, and Nick ends up storming out of Victor's office at Newman.

Adam arrives at the warehouse to find Phyllis alone. He tells her that Beauty of Nature will be advertising in the magazine afterall because Victor wants to see him fail. He tells Phyllis that they have to be successful to prove Victor wrong. Adam watches as Phyllis works on the magazine's website.

J.T. makes his way home to check on Victoria and the baby.

Sabrina meets Victor at Newman to tell him of her plans to stay in town longer to be supportive of Victoria. She tells Victor she is worried about Victoria because she seems so fragile. Victor tells Sabrin she may continue to stay at the ranch with him while she's in town.

Sharon and Jack discuss how funny it is that they are all working together.

David meets Walter at the GCAC and tells him he is paying off his debt entirely.

After David leaves, Brad sits down by Walter and buys him a drink.

As Phyllis works on the website with Adam, the lights in the warehouse go out again.

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