Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ashley Wants to be Sabrina?

At the coffeehouse, Ashley and Olivia eat cake - it's Ashley's birthday. Ashley promises to take it easy, telling Olivia that she and Victor have a dinner for two planned later.

Kay and Lauren run into each other at Crimson Lights as well. They talk about Kevin's progress and the fact that Gloria gaslit Katherine in order to get those Jabot shares. Lauren tells Katherine Sharon stole $10,000 worth of merchandise from Fenmore's and she's pressing charges.

Sharon sits with Heather in the Club dining room. She is about to confess to taking all of the stolen items when Nick comes up to them and pulls Sharon aside. He asks her what she's thinking - she's about to self-destruct! He wants Sharon to drop the charges against Phyllis, but Sharon refuses. Nick says he's sick of Sharon and Phyllis arguing with each other. He asks Sharon if he wants her to take away Noah's mother and step-mother on the same day - the anniversary of Cassie's accident?! Nick asks Sharon to tear up her confession and to drop the charges against Phyllis, but she says she can't. She does agree, though, to wait a while until Nick returns.

Jack arrives at the police station and wonders where Nick is. Phyllis said he should be coming, and tells Jack she's made a mess of things. Jack says he knows that she made the mess in Sharon's room - the disaster had her written all over it! Jack points out that she and Sharon have each had each other arrested, and Phyllis is going to lose Nick if she doesn't quit scheming and harassing Sharon. At first Phyllis tries to defend herself, but eventually accepts her responsibility. Jack says this is a wake-up call to her. Jack suggests Phyllis show some understanding towards Sharon and her situation. Before Jack leaves, Phyllis tells him he's a good friend.

Neil finds Olivia at Crimson Lights and tells her he's given his resignation at Newman. But now, he's second-guessing himself. Olivia tells him he should listen to his gut - just as he should have before he married Karen. Olivia points out that his attraction to Tyra before he married Karen should have told him he wasn't ready to be completely committed to Karen. Neil admits he didn't feel the same way with Karen that he felt with Dru. He says he still misses Dru. Olivia says Tyra might be the right one for him and she might not be, but whoever is will be a lucky woman. Neil says he's going to begin figuring it out right now and gets out his phone to call Tyra.

At Newman, Victor and Victoria talk about Neil's resignation from the company. Victoria tells Victor that Phyllis was arrested for vandalizing Sharon's room, and Victor wonders when Phyllis and Sharon will learn to get along. Victoria tells her father he might as well be wishing for world peace! Victoria thinks it's good that Noah has somewhere stable to stay while all this chaos is going on. She wishes Victor a nice night with Ashley for her birthday.

Nikki stops by the Ranch and talks with Estella a little. She asks how she and Ashley are getting along and Estella admits things are worse than they were before. Estella moves the coffee table slightly. Adam appears and he and Nikki have a pleasant conversation. Suddenly, Adam falls over the coffee table! Nikki helps Adam get up and Estella comes into the room to help as well. Estella apologizes profusely for moving the table. Adam tells her it's OK - it was just an accident. Nikki leaves. Estella sits on the couch with Adam, who admits he's terrified because everyday gets darker and darker for him. Estella tries to reassure him that things will get better, but Adam isn't so sure.

Lauren arrives at the police station where she finds Phyllis. Phyllis says she was caught for vandalizing Sharon's hotel room. Lauren tells Phyllis Eden begged her to drop the charges against Sharon for Noah's sake, and Phyllis shocks Lauren by telling her she agrees! Phyllis says she's tired of seeing the kids suffer. When Nick is coming into the police station and Lauren is going out, Lauren tells Nick she is dropping the charges against Sharon because his wife asked her to. Nick apologizes for taking so long to get there to Phyllis and says he talked to Sharon, but she refuses to drop the charges against Phyllis. Phyllis admits to Nick that her scheming made things worse and from now on she wants to be honest with him. She says she expects the same from him - she just wants to be happy again.

Nikki, Victoria, and Katherine sit in the Club dining room where Nikki fills them in on Adam's accident. Nikki says she has a hard time feeling sorry for Adam and Victoria agrees. They also agree that there's something odd about Adam - he can't be trusted.

At the Ranch, Victor encourages Ashley to go upstairs and get ready for her dinner. Upstairs, Ashley finds a gown, shoes, and earrings laid out for her and assumes Victor picked them out for her to wear. She puts them on and comes downstairs. Victor turns around to see Ashley in the gown and drops the glasses he's holding, asking Ashley why she's wearing that dress?! Ashley's confused. Victor commands Ashley to go upstairs and change out of it immediately. A shocked Ashley goes to do so, and Victor asks Estella if she remembers packing the dress. Estella says she put Sabrina's gown in storage months ago. Victor wants to know who was in the house that day, and Estella tells him that Nikki was there earlier. Victor leaves. Later, when Ashley comes back downstairs in a different dress, Estella tells her that the dress she had put on was the dress Sabrina wore the night of her accident. Ashley immediately blames Estella for this, and both she and Estella become upset.

Tyra meets Neil at the coffeehouse. He asks about Ana before he tells her that it will take a long time for him to get over how he hurt Karen. Tyra tells Neil she has strong feelings for him, and Neil admits he has strong feelings for her as well. Neil says he wants to take things slowly though, and Tyra says she can be patient. She kisses him and leaves.

At the Club, Jack and Mary Jane are celebrating how great his interview and photo shoot went. Mary Jane suddenly invites him to enjoy his champagne up in her room instead! Jack hesitates slightly, but then follows her upstairs. Once they are in her room, Mary Jane kisses him and throws him down on her bed! After they've made love, Jack brings up the fact that Mary Jane has a husband and says he can be discrete. Mary Jane laughs and tells him she's not really married - she just tells people that when she travels. She says if they make love a few more times, they won't be doing anything wrong, and kisses Jack some more.

Katherine meets with Neil at the Club. Katherine says she knows he resigned at Newman. Neil observes that Katherine has a leadership gap at Chancellor and says he can fill it! Neil wants to be CEO at Chancellor and Katherine remarks that his work is exemplary. She says she'd be honored if Neil would work with her.

Nick goes back to the Club and tells Sharon that Phyllis got Lauren to drop the charges against her for Noah's sake. Nick says now she can tear up her confession and she can get the help she needs. Sharon tells him it's too late - Heather is on her way to get Sharon's confession - she got tired of waiting for Nick. Heather arrives and asks Sharon for her letter. Sharon hedges and Nick grabs the letter and tosses it onto the fire. Heather tells Nick he'll be arrested for obstruction of justice, but Sharon says she wanted him to do that. Heather is pissed. After Heather leaves, Sharon asks Nick what happens now. Nick says the family has been through enough. He says Sharon needs to show the same mercy to Phyllis she showed her. Sharon agrees, but tells Nick to leave her alone from now on!

Nick returns to the police station and informs Phyllis he just saw Sharon and that she agreed to drop the charges against her. Nick says they can move forward, now.

Lauren confronts Sharon in the dining room at the GCAC. She says the only reason Sharon isn't going to prison is because of Eden. She says that even though Sharon blamed Eden for everything that has gone wrong in her relationship with Noah, she begged Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon for Noah's sake. Sharon tells Lauren she will never forgive herself for allowing Eden getting blamed for the stolen books. Lauren warns Sharon if she ever hurts Eden again, she's going to re-file the charges!

Victor goes to the Club and walks over to Victoria and Nikki. He immediately accuses Nikki of arranging for Ashley to wear Sabrina's gala gown. Nikki is furious. She tells Victor Ashley had the opportunity and motive to do that herself - Sabrina's spirit still lives at the Ranch and in Victor's heart. Nikki says Ashley's had mental problems in the past - maybe she wants to be Sabrina.

Ashley is alone in her room at the Ranch, and she's shocked when she finds a photo of Victor and Sabrina, who is wearing her gala gown, along with her credit card receipt for the dress! Ashley asks I didn't buy this....did I?

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