Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update for Thursday October 25, 2007

A doctor informs Nick and Sharon that Noah cracked some ribs and ruptured his spleen. She tells them she needs permission to either repair or remove his spleen depending on what she finds on the operating room.

Colleen arrives in Clear Springs with one of Adrian's shirts for the rescue dog to sniff. She inquires about Jack and Adrian and Kevin tells her that no one has found them or heard from them yet.

The rescue workers find Victoria's purse in the rubble. Nikki is quite upset at the discovery and she calls Nick to tell him of the news.

The rescue workers recover a dead body from the garage. Victor looks under the sheet when they bring him out, but he says he has never seen the man before. J.T. also looks and tells everyone that the deceased man is Joe, the construction supervisor he was working for.

Victoria calls for Adrian in the parking garage, but does not receive an answer for a while.

Later, she hears Adrian and eventually sees him as he digs his way over to her. They are both very glad to see one another. Victoria assures Adrian that she knows Victor is doing everything he can to get to them because when she was growing up and ran away after a fight with her parents, Victor hired some sky writes to write messages to Victoria, ordering her to come home, in the sky.

Sharon and Nick find out that Noah's spleen could not be repaired and that he needed two units of blood. The doctor tells them that Noah will have to be closely monitored for the rest of his life because he will be much more susceptible to infection. Sharon is upset, but Nick reminds her to be grateful that Noah is alive.

The rescue workers tell Victor that if the methane levels continue to rise, they will call off the rescue mission due to the danger of a second explosion. The special equipment Victor has requested arrives and the camera is lowered into the garage.

Rescue workers request everyone to leave the construction site due to the rise in methane levels.

The rescue workers locate Victoria and Adrian using the special camera and they tell them they will be right in to get them out. However, at that time, a second explosion occurs above ground.

After the explosion, Victor inquires if the methane levels will remain low for a while. A rescue worker tells him that that is the case and he grabs a hardhat and goes into the parking garage, in search of his daughter.

Victor finds Jack and digs him out of the rubble. He brings Jack to safety, where he is greeted with a gurney and an ambulance. Daniel calls Sharon to tell her that Jack is unconscious, but alive.

Adrian has something stuck in his leg from the second explosion and he is experiencing a lot of pain. Victoria helps him get to his feet and tells him she knows he is in pain, but they must get out of the garage. The explosion has created a hole near them and they have a very short distance to walk to get out.

J.T. goes into the garage to find Victoria and Adrian and meets them as they are headed out. As Victoria reaches the entryway of the garage, a piece of concrete hits her and she falls and rolls down a hill, hitting her head several times.

Everyone is mortified to see Victoria get hit.

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