Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Michael Sets Boundaries with his Mother

Adam sees Nikki at the GCAC and asks if he can join her. He asks her questions about her relationship with Hope and about Hope's time in Genua City. Nikki tries to sugar-coat the truth for him, but Adam sees past what Nikki is not saying.

Alistair tells Jill and Katherine that he knows Gloria's marriage to Jeff was forced. Jill becomes extremely interested and decides to try to get more information out of Alistair.

Jeff insists they move out of the mansion because he cannot compete with John's memory in the Abot mansion. Their argument escalates into a name-calling match. Gloria kisses Jeff passionately. She tries to leave but is blocked by Jeff who kisses her passionately again. Gloria breaks free and runs out of the mansion.

Victor remembers conversations he has had with his family members in the past. Niel walks into his office and sees that Victor is feeling low and tries to be good company. Victor asks him how things are going between Victoria and Adam. Niel tells him that each of them is trying to undermine the other.

David talks with Brad about his gambling addiction. He asks Brad to not mention the poker game to Nikki and he agrees not to do so.

Michael and Lauren talk about Gloria and her effect on their lives. Lauren suggests Michael cut her off and let her figure her life out herself. In the middle of this conversation, however, Gloria calls and tells Michael she is coming over, not giving Michael a chance to respond. Once she is at Michael and Lauren's, Michael tells her she can no longer count on him, Lauren, or Kevin for help, and that she is on her own now. He also tells her that his apartment is off-limits to her. Gloria is shocked.

Alistair asks Jill and Katherine a lot of questions about John in order to get closer to Gloria. Jill and Kay answer his questions in hopes that they will find out more information about the marriage Jeff and Gloria share.

David meets Nikki at the club and tells her that he will get into therapy and get help. Brad sets up another instance to get David to gamble.

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