Friday, April 18, 2008

Cane Asks Lily to Marry Him

Michael, Kevin, and Lauren meet with Gloria at the coffeehouse. Michael, Lauren, and Kevin are surprised to see Gloria's new makeover. Gloria asks Michael and Lauren if she can move in with them and Michael turns her down. Kevin also turns her down, saying there is no way that she will be living with him and Jana.

Jack is sad when he comes home and finds that John's ghost is not there when he calls upon his father. Sharon reminds him that Jack's father is still within him.

Neil pressures Lily to move back in with him, but Lily isn't sure this is such a good idea.

Cane tells his mother that he will support Lily's decision, no matter what it is, but Jill is worried how it will affect Cane if Lily decides not to keep the baby. Later, Cane is thrilled when Lily tells him she is going to keep the baby.

Jill tells Katherine that Jill is pregnant. She tells Kay that Cane can move Lily into the estate and they can make a wing for the baby, but Kay tells her not to make plans until they know what Lily is going to do about the baby.

Alistair shows up at Jabot and scares an employee. Jill demands to know what Alistair has to tell her, but he asks her for advice on how to get closer to Gloria. She tells him that if he cannot find out new information soon she is going to have to quit paying his athletic club bill.

Jeff pours his heart out to Gloria through the door to her room at the GCAC, but when someone comes out of the room, he discovers he was talking to the maid.

Kevin reminds his mother that she has a husband and that as long as she continues to have feelings for him, he will have the upper hand.

Gloria runs into Michael and Lauren at the club and tells Michael that she wants him to drop the lawsuit against Jack. Jack overhears this conversation as he is waiting on a dessert order to take back home.

Cane visits Neil and they talk about who is going to support Lily and the baby.

Lily tells Colleen and Devon she has decided to keep the baby. Colleen asks Lily if she is sure that is what she wants. Devon brings up the possibility of adoption. Neither of them see how Lily will be able to raise a baby, have a modeling career, and go to school.

At the club both Gloria and Jeff use Alistair and Jill to try and make one another jealous. Neither is aware that Jill and Alistair have their own agenda. After dinner, Gloria sets it up so Jeff catches her in a passionate kiss with Alistair.

Madame Chauvin asks Lily to meet her at the studio. When Lily arrives, however, she finds Cane who asks her to marry him. He wants her to have his grandmother's ring, but Lily tells him she can't marry him right now, that she needs time and takes off.

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