Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nikki Suspects David of Gambling Again

Skye and Adam flirt with one another. She jokingly tells him she has an interview at Newman at 9am in the morning. She tries to convince Adam to tell her if there are any poker games in Genua City she can go to, but Adam doesn't give her any information.

Victoria accuses Victor of punishing her by taking away the mergers and acquisitions department from her.

Nikki and David meet at the Club, and David is hurt that Nikki doesn't trust him. Nikki tells him she needs time, but David continues to pressure him into marrying him. David receives a call, which he takes away from Nikki. He learns his account is overdrawn. He bumps into Brad and asks him if he can come to Brad's weekly poker game.

Michael and Lauren go to Indigo to have a good night out.

Gloria looks for Jeff at the Club, but when the waiter tells her he hasn't seen Jeff, Gloria is disappointed. Jeff arranges a surprise for Gloria before joining her at the table in the Club. Gloria attacks him for "disappearing" on her, and they get into an argument. As Jeff walks away from the table, he calls and cancels the surprise he planned for Gloria.

Paul asks J.T. if he knows anything about David. Paul tells J.T. that Nikki told him David had a gambling problem and Paul intends to figure out if David is staying away from the gambling scene. J.T. promises Paul he will not tell Nikki or Victoria about his investigation.

Brad tries to act like a friend to Jill. Meanwhile, David blows up at Nikki when she questions him about who called him. He storms out of the Club and Jill and Brad wonder what their fight was about.

Gloria finds Michael and Lauren at Indigo. They are not happy to see her. She informs them that she is going to adopt a baby. While Gloria meets with her lawyer, Michael tells Lauren what a horrible idea Gloria has in adopting a baby. Gloria finds out that in order to adopt a child, she will have to have an FBI background check and fingerprinting done. She tells her lawyer she no longer wants to adopt a child. When Gloria approaches Michael and Lauren again, Michael goes to speak to Gloria's lawyer to tell him why Gloria should not be allowed to adopt a child.

Jeff asks Jack if Gloria can move in, and Jack denies his request.

Adam comes by to apologize to Victoria for what happened the other night at their father's house. Before they know it, though, they are in another disagreement. Adam wants to acquire a company, but Victoria doesn't think it's a good idea. Adam heads to Victor and presents the information about the company, but Victor tells Adam to talk to Victoria about it.

Back at the Club, Jeff runs into Jill and asks her if she wants to go to lunch with him sometime. Jill wonders about what that means for Jeff and Gloria, and Jeff tells her he is in the process of erasing Gloria from his life. Jill offers her ear to Jeff anytime he feels like talking.

Jack tells Sharon she can redecorate the mansion, and Sharon is excited about it.

When Adam returns to his room at the GCAC, Skye tells him how she fooled Brad into believing she didn't know how to play poker, and how she managed to get an invitation to his regular poker game.

Nikki goes by the Newman Ranch to pick up her cell phone from Victor. They have a nice moment reminiscing together, but Sabrina interrupts.

Gloria tries to apologize to Jeff at the GCAC, but Jeff refuses to listen, and walks away from her.

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