Friday, April 11, 2008

Jack is Served a Two Million Dollar Lawsuit

Jack is served with a two million dollar lawsuit by Michael at Restless Style.

Michael is in a good mood as his visits Victor at Newman to drop off the paperwork Victor needs to start his art foundation.

Nick stops by Newman and warns Adam to stay away from Phyllis. Adam tells Nick that he didn't know he was so insecure. Nick tells him that he need to go through either him or Jack for advertising in Restless Style. Nick begins to think that Adam is more like Victor than he thought.

Kyon and Jeff continue to kiss passionately as Alistair continues to search for Gloria. He finally finds her in the wine cellar and picks the lock to let her out. When he opens the door, he is distracted by all the wine and ultimately lets the door close again, leaving both Gloria and Alistair locked in the wine cellar together. Alistair tells Gloria what is going on between Jeff and Kyon and tries to get her to tell him what Jeff has on her.

Michael tells Kevin about his lawsuit at the coffeehouse. Kevin, Jana, and Michael talk about Gloria, and Michael tells Kevin and Jana they should uninvite Gloria to their wedding to show her that they are serious, that they want her drama out of their lives.

Kyon tells Jeff that Gloria stood him up, but Jeff doubts her story. Meanwhile, Alistair and Gloria figure out how to get out of the wine cellar.

Nick and Victoria talk about how Adam is resentful of them and how he wants to take everything they have. Victoria talks to Victor about his decision to move her off of the Beauty of Nature project, but Victor refuses to change his mind.

Adam calls Phyllis and apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable. Phyllis wonders if Nick talked to Adam while he was at Newman.

Adam wonders about the connection between Victor and Michael after he runs into Michael at the coffeehouse.

Gloria walks in while Jeff and Kyon are in the middle of a kiss and she is furious. She throws both Kyon and Jeff out and turns Alistair down when he asks her to breakfast.

At the club, Jeff tells Kyon she is going to be on the first flight out of Genua City in the morning, but Kyon tries to get Jeff to pay her to leave.

Jack confronts Michael about the lawsuit at the club in front of a client.

Phyllis confronts Nick about his talking to Adam about her. Nick tells her he doesn't think Adam can be trusted.

Victoria tells Adam that she was taken off Beauty of Nature.

Sabrina enters Victor's office at Newman and tells him she is accepting his offer to stay in Genua City.

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