Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lily Reveals Her Pregnancy to Neil

Jack, Sharon, and Noah celebrate their being back in the mansion without Jeff and Gloria.

Lauren talks to Michael about Gloria. She believes Gloria has changed, but Michael insists Gloria giving the mansion to Jack was just another manipulative move on her part.

Jill and Alistair meet at the club to discuss what he has learned about Gloria thus far. Jill is anxious to find out why Gloria is in a loveless marriage and what Jeff has over her head.

Alistair visits the mansion and is surprised to learn that Gloria is moving out. Jeff appears at the mansion and is outraged that no one informed him that they were moving. Gloria reminds him that he cheated on her, but Jeff maintains that nothing happened between him and Kyon. Gloria says she has fallen for Alistair and kisses him in front of Jeff.

Chloe talks to Lily about her future as a model. Lily really wants to become the success Chloe is telling her she will be and she worries her pregnancy will get in the way of that. When Lily goes to the bathroom to throw up again, Cane covers for her, telling Chloe Lily is worried about her looks. Chloe catches Cane in another lie, however.

Jill tries to illicit information about Gloria's marriage to him, acting like a caring friend, but Jeff does not offer her much of anything.

Jana wants Kevin to invite Gloria to live with them, but Kevin refuses to allow that to happen.

Cane offers his support to Lily as she is preparing to tell her father about the pregnancy. She tells him that she thinks she should tell him by herself and he respects that.

Chloe sees Neil at the coffeehouse and asks him to talk to Lily about committing to modeling. Niel tells Chloe that he believes Lily wants to finish her education and that he will support his daughter in that.

Michael and Kevin talk about Gloria at the coffeehouse. They both believe Gloria is playing them, but Jana and Lauren both believe that Gloria has changed. In the end, Kevin and Michael agree to not intentionally push Gloria away, but Michael insists that Gloria not live with them again.

Jill walks in on Lily crying in Cane's arms. She asks Cane what is going on and he tells his mother that Chloe is still pushing her too hard. Jill and Cane talk about having children, and Jill realizes that Lily is pregnant.

Lily tells Niel that she is pregnant, and he is shocked, but tells her that he will help and support her in any way he can. Lily tells him, however, that she is not sure she is going to keep the baby.

Jack pushes Gloria to hurry up when she is saying her last good-byes at the mansion. Jack shows no compassion for her, and Gloria is saddened by this. After she leaves, John's ghost appears to Jack and tells him that he is leaving Jack for good, that his work is done. Jack begs him to stay, but John says it is time for him to leave.

Gloria checks into the club and calls Lauren and Michael, asking if she can live with them.

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