Monday, April 28, 2008

Reed's Christening

Victoria is snuggling Reed on her couch when she sees that J.T. has left her a note.

J.T. is at the GCAC ordering breakfast for Victoria. He bumps into Adam and tells him today is Reed's christening. J.T. invites Adam to come to the christening, but Adam says he has a full day of work to attend.

Victor and Sabrina eat breakfast at the ranch. Sabrina leaves for work.

Nikki arrives at Victoria's house and gives her a present. Victoria opens the present to find that Nikki is giving her her Bible. She reminisces with Nikki about how she used to read from her Bible to Victoria and Nick when they were kids. J.T. arrives back home and Nikki leaves. Victoria and J.T. talk about how they think the christening will go, and whether they think Sabrina will come or not.

Lily gets ready for her doctor's appointment at Niel's. When Cane arrives, Niel is surprised as he thinks he was going to take Lily to the ultrasound. He assures Cane he will be there for Lily every step of the way. When Lily is ready, she shows her father the necklace Cane gave her before she leaves with Cane for her appointment. After Lily leaves, Niel leaves a message on Karen's voicemail, asking her if they can work things out. Devon arrives at Niel's and he and Niel sit down and look at baby pictures of Lily.

At Restless Style, Sharon and Phyllis continue to argue over the cover photo for the magazine. They ask Nick what he thinks, and he tells them he likes the cover photo. Later, Phyllis asks Nick why he okay'ed a second photo shoot if he liked the cover photo, and he said he was just being courteous. Sharon leaves to pick up Noah and Nick leaves as well. Phyllis is frantically searching for her keys when Adam enters the Restless Style office. He compliments the cover photos and Phyllis is pleased. Adam helps Phyllis find her keys before she runs off to meet Nick for the christening.

Sabrina comes to drop off some mail that was delivered to her floor by mistake, and she and Adam talk about her relationship with Victor. It is clear that Sabrina does not like what Adam thinks of her or her relationship with Victor.

At the ultrasound, Cane and Lily read a brochure together. When the doctor enters, she talks with them before she sends in a nurse to do the ultrasound. Lily and Cane believe they see the baby, but when they ask the nurse if what they are seeing is actually the baby, she does not answer them. When the doctor returns, she tells Lily that she is actually not pregnant and that she had an embryonic pregnancy, where an empty sac develops.

Nikki arrives at the Newman ranch fro the christening, and finds Sabrina there. As David is taking a call from his bookie outside, Nikki asks Victor if he bothered to inform Victoria that Sabrina would be attending the christening. Victoria comes up behind her mother and tells her that Victor did not bother informing her. Victor tells everyone to quit making a fuss because it is his house and Sabrina is staying.

At the christening, there is an awkward atmosphere as Victoria tries to ignore Sabrina's presence. Sabrina gives Victoria a silver rattle for Reed from a store she loves. Victoria hurries off to check on Reed.

David keeps taking calls from his bookie, but when Nikki asks what all the calls are about, he lies and tells her that he had Nikki's secretary forward all of her Jabot calls to him.

Nick and Phyllis each make promises to Reed at the christening before the minister baptizes him.

When Lily arrives home, she collapses in tears in her father's arms. Both Cane and Devon look on helplessly.

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