Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kyon Seduces Jeff

Jeff presents Gloria with a single red rose to begin their second chance first date. He leaves to go and get dinner and tells Gloria to pick out a bottle of wine from the cellar. After Jeff leaves, Kyon barges into the mansion and warns Gloria about Jeff. Gloria tells her that Jeff forced her into the marriage.

Sabrina and Victor are both glowing from their love making the night before at the Ranch. Victoria enters Victor's house and Sabrina worries that Victoria knows something is up between her and Victor. Victoria takes Sabrina to Newman so that she can convince her father to hire Sabrina as a consultant.

Niel and Karen unpack her things in his apartment. Karen worries that Lily and Devon won't be okay with her moving in, but Niel assures her that they are fine with it.

Lily tells Cane she needs time to think alone, so Cane heads to Jabot for work. Colleen comes over to Lily's and she tells her friend that she is pregnant. Colleen tells her she needs to go and see a doctor and that she needs to tell Niel about the pregnancy.

Adam asks Victor to move him off of the Beauty of Nature project because he and Victoria see things so differently. Victor asks him to work it out with Victoria, and Adam tells him he will try.

Victoria and Adam have another confrontation about the Beauty of Nature ad to run in Restless Style.

Felicia Forrester and Nick talk to Nikki about Forrester borrowing Lily for their ad for Restless Style. Nikki eventually gives in, but Cane is concerned. Felicia wants to fly Lily to L.A. for a preliminary photo shoot.

Lily and Colleen continue to talk about what Lily should do about her pregnancy. Chloe calls to tell her to come in to Jabot. Once Lily gets there, she is informed that she will be working with Forrester for the Restless Style ad. Everyone is very excited for this opportunity, but Lily and Cane are both concerned.

Kyon helps Gloria look for wine in the cellar. She locks Gloria into the cellar. Alistair wonders into the Abot mansion looking for Gloria, but finds Kyon instead. After Kyon kicks him out of the mansion, Alistair realizes something isn't right.

J.T. offers to do a background check on Adam, and Victoria agrees that this is a good idea. Later, Victoria complains to Victor about the conflict she and Adam are having and asks him to move Adam to a different project. Victor tells her that he has been thinking about it, and he has decided to move Victoria off of the Beauty of Nature project. She is very upset about this news, but Victor tells her it is the best for the company.

Sabrina visits Victor at Newman before she leaves for her flight to New York. He asks her to be his art consultant. He also tells her he wants her to stay in Genua City and slowly build a modern art museum and a foundation. She tells ?Victor she will think about it. They kiss before she leaves for her flight.

Victoria asks Sabrina to be Reed's godmother, and she accepts.

When Jeff arrives back at the mansion, he finds Kyon. She talks to him about how Gloria will only hurt him and that she is not really in love with him. She disrobes and begins to seduce Jeff. While Jeff and Kyon are being intimate, Alistair sneaks back into the mansion to look for Gloria.

Lily and Devon talk about how they miss Dru. Devon confronts Lily about the pregnancy test, and she admits to him that she is, in fact, pregnant. She asks him not to tell Niel, and he agrees to keep her secret.

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