Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Victor's Secrets Revealed

Lily meets Cane at the coffeehouse and tells him how disappointed Neil is in her.

Meanwhile, at Newman, Neil tells Karen that Lily is pregnant.

Adam makes the mistake of trying to get Victor to change Beauty of Nature's name again. Victor is very firm that he will not allow Adam to change its name. Later, Adam calls a friend in New York in order to see if they can catch up while he is there on business.

Phyllis welcomes Nick back from his trip to L.A. at the Restless Style headquarters. Shortly after, Sabrina shows up to discuss renting the bottom floor of Nick's building for the art exhibit. He is surprised that she is working for his father.

Cane tells Lily he will help her raise the baby if she decides to keep it. Lily is stressing out over the decision about whether to keep the baby or not.

Jill bumps into Chloe at the club and tells her she wants to talk about Lily. Chloe tells Jill she thinks Lily might be bulimic. Jill tells Chloe she is worried about her health and to get Lily to a doctor as soon as possible.

Nick decides to rent his bottom floor to Victor and Sabrina; he likes the idea of his father owing him rent.

Victor confesses to Sabrina that he owns the mortgage on Nick's building and this makes Sabrina nervous. Victoria nearly catches her father and Sabrina in an embrace when she enters Victor's office without knocking.

Victoria learns that Victor owns the mortgage on Nick's building and she is furious with him about it, but he assures her that he did it protect Nick.

At Restless Style, Phyllis informs Nick that she will need to fly to New York on business later that night. Adam and Phyllis learn that they are both going to New York and Nick assigns Phyllis to help Adam interview people for the Beauty of Nature spokesperson position.

Karen offers to help Lily find a support group, with objective support, but Neil is defensive about this, telling Karen he does not want that kind of support for his daughter. Later, Neil asks Karen if she would help him raise Lily's baby with him, and she is shocked.

Victor stops by Restless Style and signs the contract himself. He tells Nick and Phyllis he likes what they have done with the place.

Sabrina tells Victoria that she is involved with Victor. Victoria becomes very angry with Sabrina and throws her out of her house. Victoria calls Nick for support and he rushes over to her house to be with her. Once there, Nick learns from Victoria of Sabrina's involvement with Victor. He also finds out that Victor owns his mortgage, and he is furious about it.

Chloe finds Cane and Lily and tells Lily that Jill is on to her, and is demanding that she see a doctor immediately.

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