Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Victoria Leaves Newman

Nick receives a text message from Victoria telling him to meet her at Newman in fifteen minutes. She tells him it is important. Nick asks Phyllis to take his meeting with Ada, which Phyllis isn't too happy about.

Adam tries to get Skye to stay in town to no avail. He receives a call from Phyllis who wants to reschedule their meeting. He tells Phyllis they can meet in 30 minutes at the club. Skye realizes Adam is interested in Phyllis.

Victor is hurt that Victoria is leaving Newman. Niel finds out that Victoria is leaving Newman and he is sad about it.

Nick tries to convince his father to tell Victoria to stay at Newman, but Victor is too stubborn. Sabrina interrupts and Nick leaves his father's office.

Sabrina tries to convince Victor that Victoria will always love and adore him. Victor tells Sabrina he falls in love with her more and more.

Before Sabrina continues to interview applicants for the assistant position, she stops by Victoria's office where she is cleaning up. Sabrina tells Victoria she is sorry and she wishes it didn't have to be this way, and Victoria agrees.

Meanwhile, at Jabot, Brad and Jill both learn from Nikki that Victoria is going to be coming to work for them. Jill is not thrilled with this news. She talks to Brad about it, and Brad points out Victoria's strengths as a businesswoman.

At the coffeehouse, Colleen asks Kevin if she can talk to him. She tells Kevin that Adrian's book is supposed to come out soon, and that she told him everything when she was mad at her father. She tells Kevin she told Adrian everything about her family and told him it was okay for him to use real names in his book. Kevin and Colleen know how much trouble this will mean for Jana, and Colleen tells Kevin she will try to talk to Adrian about it.

Jeff walks into the coffeehouse, looking around to see that Gloria is not there. Jana talks to him about how he needs to tell Gloria that he is in love with her, but Jeff denies he is in love, saying he is happy to be divorcing Gloria. Later, Jana tells Gloria she needs to tell Jeff how she feels about him because she knows Jeff is in love with her, but Gloria is skeptical.

At Jabot, Gloria talks to her lawyer about making a sizable donation to charity anonymously. Jill overhears her call and interrupts. Gloria, not knowing that Jill overheard her asks Jill for advice on how her friend can make a sizable donation to charity anonymously. Jill tells her when people see a lot of money being donated, they usually figure out that something is up.

Adam kisses Skye at the club before he heads to his meeting with Phyllis. Phyllis tells him that Restless Style needs to move the Beauty of Nature ad, and Adam insists it stays where it is or he will pull the Beauty of Nature account from Restless Style for good.

Niel says good-bye to Victoria at Newman. They both tell one another that they will miss each other.

At Jabot, Jill is infuriated when she finds out Nikki made another huge decision behind her back. Jill and Nikki end up getting into an argument about who she has been hiring for Jabot - David and Victoria. Nikki points out that Jill has Cane working with her as well.

Colleen talks with Adrian about his book. She asks him to not publish. Adrian is shocked and disappointed. He tells Colleen that it will look bad for his reputation and that he will need to pay back his advance. Colleen tells him she knows it is a huge thing to ask, but that real people would be affected if his book is published. Adrian does not make a decision, and heads off to teach class, leaving Colleen at the coffeehouse.

Colleen tells Kevin that she doesn't know if Adrian is going to publish his book or not.

Sabrina offers Jana the art assistant position.

Victoria arrives at Jabot to work with her mom.

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