Monday, February 23, 2009

Cane Files for Divorce And Full Custody

The Young and the Restless update for Monday February 23, 2009:

Katherine tries to talk to Annie while she reads Katherine's memoir. Katherine asks Annie to let her stretch because the ropes are hurting her wrists. Annie tells "Marge" she deserves to die for impersonating Katherine and causing her family grief. Katherine asks Annie why Clint and Roger kidnapped her if they don't believe she is Katherine, but Annie doesn't give her an answer.

Clint meets Roger at a bar. He asks what is taking so long to marry Esther, and Roger assures Clint the marriage will happen. After Clint leaves, Paul overhears Roger's call to the County Clerk, asking to have the waiting period for a marriage license to be waived because his fiance's daughter is on her death bed.

Victor asks J.T. and Neil to try to convince Colleen to give up her seat on the Newman board and they both agree to do their best.

At the bus station, Ana uses Tyra's phone to call Neil to let him know they are in trouble. Neil hears Ana and Tyra have a conversation about how they are leaving Genua City on a bus, and how Ana doesn't want to leave.

Karen and Marisol search frantically for Ana and Tyra at the coffeehouse. When they can't find them, they call the police. The police issue an Amber alert for Ana and Tyra.

At Jabot, Jill is upset when Billy comes in smelling like alcohol. Billy is about to tell his mother about the baby when Cane walks into the office and beats him to it. Jill is shocked. Later, Jill tells Cane she knows some very good divorce lawyers, and that Cane can now wash his hands of Chloe and the baby. Cane tells his mother he will do the right thing.

Victor talks to Michael. He tells Michael to find a way to force Colleen out of her seat on the Newman board of directors.

J.T. asks Colleen why she wants the seat on the Newman board. He tells her he thinks she wants it to get back at Victor for the voicemail he left her dad, but Colleen insists she wants the seat to honor her father. Later, J.T. tells Victor Colleen isn't going to back down, so Victor decides it's time for him and Colleen to have a talk.

Chloe prepares to tell her mother about Billy being the father of her baby, but they are interrupted by Lily. Lily wants to check up on Chloe and the baby, but Chloe snaps at her. Billy arrives at the hospital, and Lily leaves.

Neil finds Tyra and Ana in the bus station. Neil convinces Tyra not to run away with Ana. They start to leave as Gil arrives. Neil lies to him, saying he asked Tyra and Ana to meet him there. Gil calls Marisol to call off the Amber alert and they agree to meet at Neil's apartment to discuss what to do from there.

At the hospital, Billy talks to Chloe. Cordelia begins to cry and Billy goes to calm her down. Chloe suggests Billy hold her and tells him how to do so. Cane peers through the hospital room window and sees Billy holding Delia. Cane calls Michael and asks him if they can meet later and that the matter is urgent. Chloe tries to tell Esther the truth about the baby's father again, but Roger interrupts. He tells Esther he got the waiting period for a marriage license waived and that he got a justice of the peace to come marry them in the hospital. Chloe thinks her mother is rushing into marriage, but Esther agrees to marry Roger that day in the hospital.

Cane and Lily sit down to have coffee. Lily apologizes again for not telling Cane about the baby's real father. Cane tells her he is done being lead by people in his life - he is going to make his own decisions from now on.

Victor meets with Colleen in his office and tries to get her to tell him who her mentor is. He tries to get her to back down from taking the seat on the Newman board as well, but Colleen doesn't budge. Later, Victor tells J.T. to find out who is manipulating Colleen and coaching her on how to take the seat on the Newman board of directors.

Paul tells Jill that Roger is a con artist and a bigamist. Jill becomes even more concerned for Esther when Paul tells her that Roger has made plans to marry her today. Jill tries to reach Esther with no success as her wedding ceremony starts.

Katherine tells Annie that Clint has kidnapped her before and that last time he did so, he went to prison. When Annie ties her back up, she does it more gently so the ropes won't hurt her as badly, but continues to show Katherine who is in charge by waving her large knife.

At Neil's apartment, Marisol tells Tyra and Ana that Tyra's actions violate the judge's order, so Ana must be moved to another foster home. Ana is scared and says she won't go to another home. Neil lies again, telling Marisol that he asked Tyra and Ana to meet him at the bus stop. Karen is furious at Neil for lying, but doesn't recant his story.

Cane tells Michael he wants to divorce Chloe and he wants to have full custody of Cordelia.

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