Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Esther Learns the Truth About Cordelia

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday February 25, 2009:

Victor gives Ashley a belated Valentine's Day present. He tells her he thinks Jack is behind Colleen's taking Brad's seat on the Newman board of directors.

Colleen informs Jack she is going to pack her things and move into her father's house because he left it to her. Ashley arrives at Jack's and asks him if he has been filling Colleen in on the Newman bylaws. When Colleen comes back downstairs, she tells Ashley she wants to honor her father, and that a little part of her wants revenge on Victor, but mostly she wants to make her dad proud.

The doctor tells Chloe she can finally go home today. Chloe isn't all that thrilled and tells Esther she would be happy to be going home if she had a home to go to. She finally tells her mother that Cane is not the father of Cordelia. Esther is shocked. Chloe tries to explain that she tried to tell her before, but she didn't want to ruin Esther's wedding. Esther tells Chloe she and Delia will move in with her at the Chancellor mansion and she and Chloe can raise Delia together. Chloe is worried that the baby will pay for her mistakes; she wants her baby to have a father growing up.

At Jabot, Cane tells Jill that he is filing for divorce. He also lets her know that he is filing for full custody of Delia. Jill is shocked. Cane says he wants to make sure Delia is taken care of, and Jill ensures him, no matter who has custody of Delia, she will make sure the baby is being cared for.

Noah and Eden hang out and are glad to not have to sneak around anymore. Noah asks Eden to see a movie with him, and she agrees. Later, Noah introduces Eden to Victor and the three of them have a talk before Eden and Noah go get their books for school.

Jack and Billy talk about the baby. Billy can't decide what to do, and Jack tries to convince him he doesn't have to be a perfect father to be a good father. Sharon arrives at the house and things are rather awkward between her and Billy. While Jack is out of the room getting Sharon's pay stubs for her taxes, Sharon and Billy agree not to tell Jack about their night together. Billy leaves before Jack comes back. When Jack returns with Sharon's pay stubs, he apologizes again for all the mistakes he made in their marriage. He tells her she can always count on him. He even says they can try their marriage again if Sharon drops the divorce, but Sharon says she doesn't deserve him and runs out of the house before Jack can find out why she feels that way.

At the jail, Heather visits Adam. Adam tells her he needs her help. She tells him she won't get him out of jail. Adam tells Heather he has an awful rash that is getting worse, yet the nurse won't treat it. He asks Heather if she will put a request in for him to see a dermatologist. She says she will do that for him, but doesn't want him to read anything into it. Adam tells her he knows that they are over for good, and he understands that.

At the hospital, Cane tells Chloe he is getting a divorce. Chloe apologizes for what she's done and tries to explain why she did what she did. Cane doesn't care. While Esther is talking on the phone out in the hall, she sees Billy stop by Chloe's room, and realizes he is the baby's father.

Billy goes to see Rafe and talks to him about what his options are regarding Delia.

Sharon gets Noah's books. She sets them down on a display and slips a couple of books into the bag, seemingly unknowingly. Noah and Eden bump into her at the store, and Sharon gives Noah the bag. Sharon receives a call from the hospital, alerting her that Doris has collapsed. She and Noah run out of the store without the bag of books, and when Eden tries to run after them with the bag, she is caught with the items Sharon stole.

Heather runs into Victor and tells him that Adam isn't doing so well in jail. Victor tells her that jail will do him some good. She tells Victor there is a difference between tough love and cruelty. Victor reminds Heather how much Adam used and deceived her, and she walks away.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill and Chloe clash. Jill finally asks the three of them - herself, Chloe, and Esther - to call a truce and to put the baby's interests first. They all agree. Billy and Cane walk into the mansion at the same time to see the three of them caring for the baby.

Adam's request to see a dermatologist is granted.

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