Monday, February 16, 2009

Chloe Gives Birth

Lily tells Billy they need to get Chloe to the hospital, but Chloe informs them that the roads are closed. Billy goes out to see if he can get a medical helicopter to land and pick Chloe up.

Cane tries to convince the Ranger to let him through so he can get to Lily. He tells the Ranger even if he won't let him through on the roads, he will walk the rest of the way to the cabin, but the Ranger advises against it. Later, Billy gets through to the Ranger on the phone. The Ranger tells Billy that a medical helicopter can't get to the cabin because it is too windy. He tells Billy that he will have to stay at the cabin, and that the snow isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow morning.

At the cabin, Lily and Chloe fight as she goes into labor.

At the coffeehouse, Amber refuses to believe the DNA test is right - she knows Katherine is who she says she is. Jill and Amber fight about whether Katherine is really Katherine. Murphy comes into the coffeehouse and asks if anyone knows where Katherine is. They tell him she went to pick him up a while ago. He tells them he went back to the trailer and found a strange note, saying she left town. Amber is concerned about this and says Katherine wouldn't just leave like that, but Jill thinks Katherine left because of the DNA test results. She says the test proves she's a fraud.

Clint and Roger kidnap Kay. They take her to a house and tie her up and gag her so that she can't scream. Katherine keeps trying to tell them she isn't Marge, but they refuse to believe her.

Later, Esther and Roger learn the results of the DNA test, and Roger calls Clint to tell him the news.

Ashely and Olivia meet to talk. Ashley admits she isn't completely happy about the changes at Jabot and still wants to know who has controlling interest in Jabot. Victor calls Ashley and tells her he can't make the reservations at the Club for their Valentine's Day dinner. Ashely says it's okay, they can celebrate another night, but Victor asks her to come by the office instead.

When Billy returns to the cabin and tells Chloe and Lily they will have to deliver the baby there, Lily goes out to call Olivia for instructions. Billy gives her a walkie-talkie so that she can communicate with him. When Lily is gone, Billy admits to Chloe he has known the baby was his for a long time - ever since she fell off the ladder and ended up in the hospital. She is angry with him for not saying anything sooner, and also angry with him because she thinks the only reason he told Lily about the baby now is to score points with her.

Murphy tells Amber, Daniel, Kevin, and Jana he believes someone kidnapped Katherine. The police come into the coffeehouse and tell Murphy someone (Jill) has filed a theft report on Katherine. The police officer tells Murphy that she believes Katherine just left town like her note says, even though Murphy tells her Katherine wouldn't do that. The officer hands the note back to Murphy and leaves.

Katherine panics when she realizes how bad her situation is. When Clint leaves, he tells her he hired her a nurse. The nurse comes in with a huge knife and talks to Katherine as if she is Marge. The nurse is a lunatic, but does give Katherine something to eat when she says she's hungry.

Lily gives Billy instructions on how to deliver the baby. They figure out that Billy needs to turn the baby around or she will suffocate. Billy tries to encourage Chloe during the process. Cane tromps through the snow to reach Lily. He finds her and tells her how much he loves her just as they hear the baby begin to cry over the walkie-talkie.

Esther and Clint decide to elope.

At Newman, Ashley arrives and Victor presents her with an office chair for Valentine's Day. He says he wants Ashley to take Brad's place on the Newman Board of Directors. Later, they share a romantic candlelight dinner and enjoy their happiness. Ashley shows Victor the locket she had made for Abby - with a picture of Brad in one side and a picture of Victor in the other side. Later, Nikki interrupts the couple to ask if they know where Nick is.

Billy is holding his baby girl in the cabin when Lily and Cane arrive. Cane takes the baby from Billy, still believing the baby is his. No one tells him otherwise.

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